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I've done playing the chapter one days ago then,I was about to download the chapter yet I saw that it's not playable on android.That's kinda sad,If I can play it using android that would be awesome.

Heya there,

At the present moment in time no android port is planned, as I need to focus on finishing the main version first. But once I've got that out, I could potentially start looking at other ports!

can't wait for the release ! Take You're time FrostWorks take some breaks and dont pressure yourself, you got this!

Is this available on android?


Not currently, unfortunately!

Though once Chapter 2 is fully completed, and if there was a demand for it--I could definitely explore mobile versions!

How much longer do you think until release?

Heyo, I have a large alpha update coming out soon for patrons that covers a significant part of the story, along with more h-events. So while the full game isn't quite out yet, a large chunk of it has been coming along nicely!

I apologise for the grueling wait--and understand that this has been quite an unreasonable development time for a visual novel of all things. I'll be forging on ahead in the coming months to try and get things out as soon as I can!

Hello. I am having trouble playing when I try to play a game that comes out to me(Quest Failed - Chapter Two - Demo.exe error) _Sorry if my english is bad_


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues launching the demo! I'll do my best to help and try to solve the issue! To be sure--you've unzipped the contents of the folder and are launching the .exe from the unzipped folder, correct? And are running on WIndows?

Also, if possible, could you printscreen/take a picture of the exact error message you're getting? It will help me to find out the source of the issue much faster and get you playing the game as quick as I can!

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Thank you!

I've seen a similar error message before--though not this exact one. And just to cross off any possibilities: are you running the exe within the original folder you extracted it in? Since the exe won't work if it's moved away from the main folders.

Edit: I was able to replicate the exact error and confirm that this issue comes up if you attempt to launch the exe without the other files alongside it!

When you extract the zip folder, avoid moving or deleting any of the files there and try launching the .exe from that spot.

If you wish to create a shortcut to put on your desktop, etc.--don't move the .exe itself. Instead, right click the exe and select 'create shortcut', and then you can move that one safely around!

How soon do you think until full release? Another post said it would be early 2020, so how early? Like this month? 3 months? 5?

What's the sitch?



At the moment I'm trying to avoid cursing myself with any promises, since I already goofed up hard with the early access stuff that didn't come to be in the end. Not this month--but beyond that there's too many variables up in the air to discern when everything else will come together.

I understand that it's an incredibly vague answer, and I apologise, but I feel it's better if I try to avoid hyping up for anything until I'm absolutely sure there's a release in sight. Dx

I understand. I helped some friends make a video game a long time ago and although not a management position(I did translation, Japanese/french to English but not anymore tho) I understand the pressure completely. Sorry about asking so much, but i'm just eager to see this done. 

PS: Will there be a steam release?

No worries--I'm just glad to see there's still interest in the game being completed, even after I've taken so long, haha. It really is encouraging!

Steam release is difficult to say. In a perfect world I've love to release it on there--but the adult game space seems incredibly shaky on there. and I wouldn't want to get in any trouble or find my game removed if it ended up breaking one of the rules that surround NSFW games there. Since some games release as they are and pass by fine, others release with a patch that can be applied, and others seem to get taken down with vague explanations as to why. It's a bit scary, really and I'd hate to waste time and resources getting everyone on Steam only for that to happen. Dx


any kind of eta?



After a lot of thinking on the matter, I've ended up deciding not to move forward with the early access plans, as I think I was potentially rushing myself into an incredibly bad decision on that matter and feel it wouldn't have represented the experience in the way I had desired. I want everyone's first experience with Chapter Two to be something special, and not an early access, incomplete build with brick walls everywhere that limit progress and choice, and might sour peoples opinion on the game before they've even had a chance to experience the full thing. When I release it fully, I want it to be a big, special event to celebrate and to garner hype, rather than releasing something that might fall flat in the eyes of people hoping for the full adventure.

Unfortunately I understand that this is probably not the answer that people want to hear after I spent so long hyping up and promising the early access build as a thing to look forward to at the end of the year and that this decision may upset some, but I feel it's the best way to move forward with things to get out a game of the quality it deserves.

I was incredibly short-sighted with my early-access plans, and they definitely don't suit a visual novel of all games. I apologise for going back on this.

I'll be instead focusing my efforts on alpha builds as I build towards the full release of Chapter Two--of which I have no current ETA for at this time.


Thank you for the update. You are working very hard, and we all can definitely acknowledge the amazing efforts you are putting into the game. Take all the time you need. You're awesome; and the game I know will be incredible when it gets released. No need to rush. The first game was a masterpiece, and I am sure the second will equally be  a masterpiece! Keep up the amazing work! 

Also, an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Ahh, thank you--I really appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter. I truly do want this to be the best experience possible right from the get-go, so want to avoid taking any shortcuts or rushing any sloppy products out. I understand that the wait has been long--and possibly painful--but I'm incredibly proud of what I have so far, and think the full game will really be worth it!

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!

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Does this mean we won't be getting that big Christmas preview?


Thanks for keeping us updated. Might there be any holiday specials in the upcoming release? I'm greedy I know, but I really enjoyed the previous ones.


Sadly there'll be no holiday specials as I haven't had the time or resources to work on them while busy with Chapter Two--but once things die down a little I might be able to manage something as a video like before, and then add it directly into the game via a patch!

I suppose the closest thing that could be included would be the Halloween one I did last year, though that's very small and very silly compared to the others, haha.

Hey where is that end of year demo I heard about? Is it free or do I need to pay for it?


The end of year release will be a little closer to the end of the year, if not a little over that estimate! And it'll be paid, as it's essentially an early release of the full game, rather than a demo!

Out of curiousity, upon release of the early-access version (paid version); will the future updates/patches be part of that paid package? or will it be a seperate cost later on?



If you buy the early access release you'll be entitled to all of the future updates for free as the rest of the game is built upon and finished, since this is treated as a sort of soft launch of the whole game.

Oh, awesome! Definitely look forward to it! Thank you,

I know this might sound stupid and all but is there any chance of quest failed and quest failed 2 releasing on android .I am a big fan of your work and its just awesome there aren't many games with such good storyline and quality.

And please I don't want to offend you in anyway if my comment seamed offensive please ignore it and have a nice day.

Hiya there, no worries at all--it's a perfectly understandable question!

Right now my main focus is finishing Chapter Two and getting it released on Windows/Mac/Linux--but once I've had the chance to get that out and look at things, I can definitely consider looking at mobile ports! It's just that they might take a little extra work to make sure the UI compliments touchscreen controls and that everything has scaled nicely. Since I know the demand for a more portable version of QF is there, and I'd love to be able to release them if I could!

are there more games like this one where the queen is hot and sexy? 

(games which have scene's with a queen)


Hiya there!

While my knowledge of this particular thing is limited, the Kyonyuu Fantasy (Localised as Funbag Fantasy through Mangagamer) might be able to provide what you need, since while I haven't played the games personally--but plan to eventually--they seem to be fantasy focused and bound to have a Queen in them!

Additionally, you could search through the 'queen heroine' tag on VNDB and look for games that have English releases!

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thx man (if you’re a girl, i’m sorry for saying man)

My last comment might have seemed unmature but I honestly cant wait anymore I just LOVE this game. PLEASE tell me its going to be released before 2020



At this point all I can currently do is refer to my previous responses on the matter!

Namely that something will more than likely release before the end of the year, even if it isn't the full game. So keep a look out!

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Oh okay! btw if I sometimes type something REALLY stupid and a comment that makes no sense its just cause I cant wait anymore and im hyped ^^

I have a question. You said there would be a kind of beta releasing around the end of the year. Would this be exclusive to patrons or should I save my money for something else like buying the beta separately?

I haven't planned out the specifics just yet--but I do want to aim for a more wide-open public early access build on, just to get the game out there a bit more now that extensive work has been done on the current alphas over the years, since I feel like there's a lot of content still even if it's not complete yet.

Though this could all potentially change depending on what I feel is best! I'd say your best bet is to just keep an eye on twitter, etc. for when I start moving forward with it all and announcing solid plans.

Which Patron Tier gets test builds?

Hiya there!

The alpha testing/$25 tier on patreon gets access to each new build as it comes out!

Do I get access to past builds as well?

Just the most recent build that might exist that month. Though each subsequent build expands on the content from the previous builds--so it's the most up to date version of the game. No older content is deleted or withheld, it all just gets wrapped into each new build!

Thank you for the help!

I feel like I just watched a commercial

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Is there a loosely foreseeable release date? Please and thank you!


Something will more than likely be released to the public at the end of the year!

It won't be the full thing, and may be more of an early access deal--but will still have lots of content. I'm still mulling over whether this is a good way to go, or to just wait for the full thing a little bit further down the line. I'm not completely sure yet!


I think the fans will eat you alive if something doesn't happen soon. LOL. (Read comment below this)

Thank you for an update. The work you do is amazing! Definitely take the time needed to complete the game the way you invision it to be completed. No need to rush. Not saying that the excitement isn't here, it definitely is; however, a game is best enjoyed when completed when the artist/ designer is satisfied. Keep up the amazing work, you are awesome!

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I honestly I cant wait please update its been 21 (YOU STUPID!) days ever since I posted my last comment UAHRUIASHFDOJFIOSJDF (PS: I MORE TO SEE MORE OF RUBY <3)


Do you really think they are going to answer you with an attitude like that? It'll come when it comes.

Deleted 2 years ago

I think ur to young... Ur are not allowed to play this game :p

Omg its been a month since i posted my last comment please give updates I wanna play this so much :D


Hi hi!

No major updates on things to announce so far, sadly, but it's been a steady grind!

I advise you to keep an eye on my twitter for future updates--since the comments section is admittedly a little scattered here, and you'll be able to get up-to-date information on if I announce anything major relating to the game!

So how has things been for you? Haven't checked back in about a month now because of IRL problems. How close do you think this is to full release?

It's a slow, steady grind as I chip away at the giant script!

Still unsure of when things may be fully finished, but I'm getting there!

Hi, is there a way to contact you directly?

Hi hi!

If you wish to contact me directly regarding any queries you might have about Quest Failed, you can do so at:


Seriously cant wait anymore

Is it possible to get an update? 

(Btw I am pretty sure you read my previous comment and I was just joking obviously so sorry if I offended you)

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Hi hi,

The enthusiasm is always appreciated, though unfortunately at this present moment in time I don't have anything new to share regarding the release. For the most up to date news on Quest Failed I recommend you keep an eye on my Twitter and Patreon feeds since when I have large updates to share on the status of things I'll be sure to update all my regular channels!

And apologies if by chance I ended up not replying to a previous comment, since I may have felt I had no significant news to share at that time. Dx

Deleted 265 days ago

Hiya, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! I'm sure Chapter Three will follow the same template, though I might have to dial it back a tiny bit for the sake of faster releases in the future, haha. : P

And yupyup! The full game will have at least 2 CG each for most characters (some get more!) so you'll have a whole lot to look forward to!

Maybe shooting for a summer release???


No solid plans are laid out for a complete release yet--but I'm forging ahead with the early builds and gradually adding more and more content--so never say never, though I want to avoid getting hopes up just in case things go a bit slower than intended.

Deleted post

Is this demo updated with 0.8 alpha demo?


Hiya! This demo is the same one it’s always been.

Newer Alpha builds are exclusive to patrons on the alpha testing tier!

Well that's a bummer. I thought it would be updated here :(

I know it must be irritating to hear this and I am sorry but, is there any foreseeable full release date? 

PS: Have you played Neko-nin Exheart series or KARAKARA visual novels at all? If not then I highly recommend them. Waiting on #3 of each series along with Quest failed Chapter 2.

Hi hi!

It's hard to say at this particular moment in time--I apologise! But I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date when I believe I'm nearing the finish line; the game just ended up a far bigger undertaking than I imagined, with all of the h-scenes and events present in the game. I really do believe it'll be worth it in the end though! Thanks so much for your support and patience <3

And I haven't played either of those games, though believe I got KARAKARA in a bundle once--so might give it a look when I have some free time!

Whenever you do get a chance to play. Let me know what you think. Just curious.

r you planning on making this available on a android any time just wondering because I don't have a pc or anything

I cant stop coming back here expecting its out just to realise its not lol

I have another question! you replied to me previously saying there is going to be a bunch of moments to talk with the characters. are these moments going to be long or about 5 minutes of chatting with each character? cause if its too long it gets boring :/


There'll be a mix of short and long events with characters to help flesh out each of their personalities and backstories, and help to create a more even pacing between the h-scenes, so that it's not non-stop action and burning through all the h-scenes in one go. I really like that I've been able to spend the time to create a larger narrative between them all compared to how rushed and linear Chapter 1 was and consider Chapter 2 a far grander experience because of it!

I am the voice of the poor, I speak for all of those scraping by month by month.... I ask for those who cant, will there be a full game release?? Maybe when the game is finished?? Don't get me wrong this game is defiantly worth at least twenty bucks. I just dont have that kind of money (sad is it not) to pay for said game  

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Hi hi!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'full game release' to avoid any confusion?

When the game is fully completed it'll be put up on in the range of $15 - $20 depending on what I feel is best at the time.

Yes thanks for responding what i mean by full games is the finally product no updates or changes.

Deleted post

Yupyup--a lot of it is already well under way and production while Chapter Two is being finished up. Lots of character art and scenes are being sketched and plotted out!

Oh I forgot to ask how long will the second chapter be? :D :D 

In terms of content it's roughly 4.5 times bigger than Chapter One just counting the volume of h-scenes--and will have a bunch of non-h events too to engage and talk with the characters!

Lol about a year ago I asked about you releasing chapter 2 and its still not out OOF

Seems like you are REALLY working hard on this arent you? I wonder how long the game will be since its been almost two years since you started working on it holy shit

Not gonna lie its one of my favorite visual novels ever and the chapter 2 demo got me even hornier on the story. 

to be honest at first I only looked for hentai visual novels to play so I got chapter 1 decided to play it and I REALLY got into the story. ever since I watched highschool DxD and played quest failed chapter one I stopped watching/playing hentai only for sex. I now look for sex AND story cause its a great combo. hope to play it soon! and you should probably sell it for around 20$ since youre working really fucking hard on it. just PLEASE make more shit with ruby cause holy shit shes my favorite character


It's been a long, bumpy ride, haha. Time really flies, huh?

While I would have liked to have released Chapter Two sooner if I could have helped it, I've definitely been adding a whole lot of stuff to it while tackling a lot of the obstacles that have come from making a game so big. I certainly hope it provides a long, enjoyable experience for everyone and meets their expectations!

I totally agree that erotic games should still have a big focus on story and not skimp on it, since it makes the intimate moments all the more rewarding and enjoyable when you get to have them with characters who you've slowly become accustomed to over the hours!

Still undecided on the price point, but I have to be careful not to go too high or risk cutting into potential profits. But then I can't go too low either and cheapen the value of all of my hard work. Ahhh, it's a complicated situation, haha.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to have Chapter Two out in the relatively near future!

I am fairly certain that twenty-five to thirty dollars is a good price. If you put it on Steam at that price a great deal of people would buy it. If you go over I can see a great deal of people waiting for a sale.

I'd go with thirty to get your money's worth back from all your hard work.

I wouldnt say 30$ cause people might think its too much for a game like this.

If its too much money not a lot will buy it.

It its a low price a lot of people will buy it.

So he has to go somewhere in the middle :)

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I saw the first chapter of this game in but I didn't really mind watching or taking a peek at it.

One day, I watched random videos, I watched this game from a YouTuber doing a playthrough.

I just used to watch the H scenes in Pornhub, but after I watched the playthrough, I got interested in it even without the H scenes.

Too bad I'll only get to play the demo, cuz I'm still below 18 and I still don't have the money to buy the game or own a credit card, Besides I can't just tell my parents that I'm gonna buy a hentai game with their credit card 

EDIT: Anyway, I kinda found out a way to pay for it, but it would take me some time earn enough money.

I hope I get the money before the release date.


Is this game gonna be free after the demo?

Its awesome by the way.


Hiya! Thank you for your kind words~

Joining with the first chapter available, Quest Failed: Chapter Two is intended to be a full product for purchase when it's finished and will sell for around $15-20 (I haven't quite decided yet!) Given the amount of money and resources that have went into the game, and the amount of content it will offer, I feel that this is a fair price!

I was about to ask what you were thinking of selling Chapter 2 for. Considering the high quality of the artwork and story thus far I'd say that's very reasonable. Just my 2 cents. Thanks!

Hey guys! 

I just found out about this game from a youtube playthough, and steamrolled through it myself. How close are we to a release date? 

Super psyched, love your work, 

Hihi! Thank you so much for the support~ <3 I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the first part--and really do hope you'll enjoy the second installment, too!

Hard to say how close I am to a release date with Chapter Two right now--but I intend to make a big public post when I feel I'm nearing the launch!

I just really hope this project goes somewhere. I'm extremely invested into the characters so far, but the last game I supported got cancelled... I only hope this doesn't go the way breeding season went...

Have no fear! Short of some catastrophic disaster hitting me, I have no intention of up and vanishing on people and will always do my best to keep you in the loop! While admittedly I am a little slow--all of the art assets are already done for Chapter 2. It's just a matter of piecing together the remaining story bits, voice acting and music!

I want to finish the stories for each character just as much as you guys want to see them--if not more so! I have so many neat ideas and fun stuff planned for the future that it'd be a real shame if it all came crashing and burning before I really even had time to get off of the ground.

I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but how many chapters in this is planned anyway?  Going to be a three part? Or more?

Potentially three parts, or four--depending on how previous chapters fair, and if I have the funding to continue creating larger scale chapters like Ch. 2! Otherwise I'll have to reevaluate my plan and break things down into smaller chunks to make it sustainable.

Though as it stands, Chapter 3 is going to be broken into two parts so that I'm able to release more content more quickly in the future after the behemoth task of putting out Chapter 2!

Any News?



Still alive--have no fear! I'm currently working on the gigantic script bit by bit as the days go on. It's a gargantuan task laid out before me, but I think the wait will be more than worth it!

Quest failed was the only the only vn I have ever bought love the English voice acting I look forward to when you full realise date 

Thank you very much! That really does mean a lot to me~

Hi, do you have any plans to release both games on steam? I would like to support your project there.

Hiya there!

Steam is certainly a possibility (and I do have a slot on there waiting to go!) though I may wait until Chapter Two is fully done to release both Chapters as a bundle and try to make the most of the launch period!

Thanks, I'll be sure to support your work when it comes.

Hey I was wondering if you had a rough estimate on the full release? Like is it closer to 6 months or 1 month?

Hello! I think it would be safer to hazard a guess between those two estimates right now. So anywhere from 1 to 3 months just to be on the safe side. I apologise for how long it's been taking and appreciate your patience, as I'm sure with all this extra time I'll be able to deliver an experience you'll all love!

I understand. Take as long as you need to make this good. Looking forward to the release!

Thank you! I'll do my best and hope I don't disappoint!

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