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Quest Failed: Chapter Two is the continuation of the 'Quest Failed' series, following the misadventures of an aspiring adventurer and the various monster girls he encounters in his travels.

The second chapter picks up right where the previous chapter left off, with Matt having successfully repelled an undead assault against the capital city of Rhan, and being granted an audience with the Queen who seems to possess some kind of interest in him upon hearing of his exploits. The capital city is a big place, with many curious individuals lurking behind its walls--some friendly, some...well...not so friendly. And with the player being given more freedom than ever before to explore this new city, who can say what kind of trouble young Matt might find himself in now?


  • Over 20 new characters to interact with, along with the return of the original cast you know and love
  • A wealth of new h-scenes for every character, both old and new
  • A sprawling city to explore, filled with optional events to discover, both during the day and night
  • More freedom with choices, which matter more now than ever before
  • Side quests which can be taken in any order, or ignored in favour of advancing the main story


The Quest Failed: Chapter Two demo is finally here!

In this expansive demo (more than twice the length of Chapter One's demo!) you'll get to experience the game's opening, acclimate yourself to the capital city and meet a range of colourful characters lurking behind the grand walls of Rhan.

There's a total of 4 cg scenes for your viewing pleasure (3 h-scenes and 1 particularly steamy moment) so make sure you leave no choice unchecked, as you never know what might happen!


And if you enjoyed your time with the Chapter Two demo--please consider supporting the [FrostWorks patreon]! (Jilly worked super hard on the banner!) It's a great way to keep up with development of the game, with a whole range of CG scene teasers, written stories and even sometimes an audio scene or two! (There's currently one featuring a very mischievous Royal Spy~) The current alpha builds being given out to alpha testers also offers a far wider range of content in the game compared to what the demo has to offer (and even then, the demo is super long, so you can see why Chapter Two is taking this long to put together, haha) albeit it in a slightly rougher state than what you might see present in the demo--but if you just can't wait to get your hands on more Chapter Two content it's a great way to go!

The development of Chapter Two has been a long road and admittedly I'm very nervous about finally putting something out for you all to play, as I know it's been far too long! But I really do hope you enjoy what the demo has to offer and that it gets you excited for the full release coming down the line. (It won't be tooooo much longer, I promise!)

I'm very interested to hear what you might have to say about your time with the Chapter Two demo and would be very grateful if you filled out a short feedback form after going through all of the content the demo has to offer and left your thoughts.

[Quest Failed: Chapter Two Feedback Form] (Demo spoilers, beware!)

Whether you enjoyed it, or felt maybe there was something that could be improved upon for the final release, I'm all ears and will be reading through every form submitted and taking it all on-board.

If you wanted to reach out to me directly regarding anything concerning Quest Failed, feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at: unlimitedfrostworks@gmail.com

Additionally, I have a Discord server with a small but dedicated community for Quest Failed, monster girl games in general and everything else in between~ Feel free to stop in and say hi! I'm usually hanging out around there most days, too and will sometimes post small teasers concerning Quest Failed that I feel might not warrant a full tweet or blog post. [Official Quest Failed Discord Server!]

Finally, if you want to keep up with development on Chapter Two as things progress, following me on twitter at @Frost_Works is a good way to go!

Thank you for your time and I love you all~


Quest Failed - Chapter Two - Demo - Windows 184 MB
Quest Failed - Chapter Two - Demo - Mac 182 MB
Quest Failed - Chapter Two - Demo - Linux 186 MB


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Is there a loosely foreseeable release date? Please and thank you!


Something will more than likely be released to the public at the end of the year!

It won't be the full thing, and may be more of an early access deal--but will still have lots of content. I'm still mulling over whether this is a good way to go, or to just wait for the full thing a little bit further down the line. I'm not completely sure yet!


I think the fans will eat you alive if something doesn't happen soon. LOL. (Read comment below this)

Thank you for an update. The work you do is amazing! Definitely take the time needed to complete the game the way you invision it to be completed. No need to rush. Not saying that the excitement isn't here, it definitely is; however, a game is best enjoyed when completed when the artist/ designer is satisfied. Keep up the amazing work, you are awesome!

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I honestly I cant wait please update its been 21 (YOU STUPID!) days ever since I posted my last comment UAHRUIASHFDOJFIOSJDF (PS: I MORE TO SEE MORE OF RUBY <3)

Do you really think they are going to answer you with an attitude like that? It'll come when it comes.

Holy shit dude, yeah, chill out

I think ur to young... Ur are not allowed to play this game :p

Omg its been a month since i posted my last comment please give updates I wanna play this so much :D


Hi hi!

No major updates on things to announce so far, sadly, but it's been a steady grind!

I advise you to keep an eye on my twitter for future updates--since the comments section is admittedly a little scattered here, and you'll be able to get up-to-date information on if I announce anything major relating to the game!

So how has things been for you? Haven't checked back in about a month now because of IRL problems. How close do you think this is to full release?

It's a slow, steady grind as I chip away at the giant script!

Still unsure of when things may be fully finished, but I'm getting there!

Hi, is there a way to contact you directly?

Hi hi!

If you wish to contact me directly regarding any queries you might have about Quest Failed, you can do so at: unlimitedfrostworks@gmail.com


Seriously cant wait anymore

Is it possible to get an update? 

(Btw I am pretty sure you read my previous comment and I was just joking obviously so sorry if I offended you)

(1 edit)

Hi hi,

The enthusiasm is always appreciated, though unfortunately at this present moment in time I don't have anything new to share regarding the release. For the most up to date news on Quest Failed I recommend you keep an eye on my Twitter and Patreon feeds since when I have large updates to share on the status of things I'll be sure to update all my regular channels!

And apologies if by chance I ended up not replying to a previous comment, since I may have felt I had no significant news to share at that time. Dx

Chapter Two was awesome! The freedom of movement and interactivity added a whole to level of enjoyment for me and I hope it's here to stay going forward or at least some elements of it. I'm enjoying the new characters a lot and I cain't wait to see more of them. Will there be any CG scenes with Cynthia or Anna in the future?

Hiya, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! I'm sure Chapter Three will follow the same template, though I might have to dial it back a tiny bit for the sake of faster releases in the future, haha. : P

And yupyup! The full game will have at least 2 CG each for most characters (some get more!) so you'll have a whole lot to look forward to!

Maybe shooting for a summer release???


No solid plans are laid out for a complete release yet--but I'm forging ahead with the early builds and gradually adding more and more content--so never say never, though I want to avoid getting hopes up just in case things go a bit slower than intended.

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So... Let's start with that i'm a game pirate. Not because i'm greedy, but because i don't have much money (ask my 10 year old PC lol). You can judge me, but i don't really care. Anyways, this game is awesome. This game series is awesome. Everything is awesome. Artstyle? Awesome. H-scenes? Awesome. Characters? Awesome. Too much awesome. When i played Chapter 1, i was thinking "oh, another H-game, nothing special...". But then i was shocked. All of the characters are unique. They aren't just sex dolls, they have different personalities. So much work for a H-game. My stereotypes about H-games were shattered to pieces. 11/10. Eleven out of freakin' ten. This game series have so much potential. Frostworks, i wish you all good luck!

- Sincerely, Gregory the poor pirate.

P.S. I just realised that you also made "Room". That's why the artstyle looked familiar...

Is this demo updated with 0.8 alpha demo?


Hiya! This demo is the same one it’s always been.

Newer Alpha builds are exclusive to patrons on the alpha testing tier!

Well that's a bummer. I thought it would be updated here :(

I know it must be irritating to hear this and I am sorry but, is there any foreseeable full release date? 

PS: Have you played Neko-nin Exheart series or KARAKARA visual novels at all? If not then I highly recommend them. Waiting on #3 of each series along with Quest failed Chapter 2.

Hi hi!

It's hard to say at this particular moment in time--I apologise! But I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date when I believe I'm nearing the finish line; the game just ended up a far bigger undertaking than I imagined, with all of the h-scenes and events present in the game. I really do believe it'll be worth it in the end though! Thanks so much for your support and patience <3

And I haven't played either of those games, though believe I got KARAKARA in a bundle once--so might give it a look when I have some free time!

Whenever you do get a chance to play. Let me know what you think. Just curious.

r you planning on making this available on a android any time just wondering because I don't have a pc or anything

I cant stop coming back here expecting its out just to realise its not lol

I have another question! you replied to me previously saying there is going to be a bunch of moments to talk with the characters. are these moments going to be long or about 5 minutes of chatting with each character? cause if its too long it gets boring :/


There'll be a mix of short and long events with characters to help flesh out each of their personalities and backstories, and help to create a more even pacing between the h-scenes, so that it's not non-stop action and burning through all the h-scenes in one go. I really like that I've been able to spend the time to create a larger narrative between them all compared to how rushed and linear Chapter 1 was and consider Chapter 2 a far grander experience because of it!

I am the voice of the poor, I speak for all of those scraping by month by month.... I ask for those who cant, will there be a full game release?? Maybe when the game is finished?? Don't get me wrong this game is defiantly worth at least twenty bucks. I just dont have that kind of money (sad is it not) to pay for said game  

(1 edit)

Hi hi!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'full game release' to avoid any confusion?

When the game is fully completed it'll be put up on itch.io in the range of $15 - $20 depending on what I feel is best at the time.

Yes thanks for responding what i mean by full games is the finally product no updates or changes.

Will there be a third chapter?

Yupyup--a lot of it is already well under way and production while Chapter Two is being finished up. Lots of character art and scenes are being sketched and plotted out!

Oh I forgot to ask how long will the second chapter be? :D :D 

In terms of content it's roughly 4.5 times bigger than Chapter One just counting the volume of h-scenes--and will have a bunch of non-h events too to engage and talk with the characters!

Lol about a year ago I asked about you releasing chapter 2 and its still not out OOF

Seems like you are REALLY working hard on this arent you? I wonder how long the game will be since its been almost two years since you started working on it holy shit

Not gonna lie its one of my favorite visual novels ever and the chapter 2 demo got me even hornier on the story. 

to be honest at first I only looked for hentai visual novels to play so I got chapter 1 decided to play it and I REALLY got into the story. ever since I watched highschool DxD and played quest failed chapter one I stopped watching/playing hentai only for sex. I now look for sex AND story cause its a great combo. hope to play it soon! and you should probably sell it for around 20$ since youre working really fucking hard on it. just PLEASE make more shit with ruby cause holy shit shes my favorite character


It's been a long, bumpy ride, haha. Time really flies, huh?

While I would have liked to have released Chapter Two sooner if I could have helped it, I've definitely been adding a whole lot of stuff to it while tackling a lot of the obstacles that have come from making a game so big. I certainly hope it provides a long, enjoyable experience for everyone and meets their expectations!

I totally agree that erotic games should still have a big focus on story and not skimp on it, since it makes the intimate moments all the more rewarding and enjoyable when you get to have them with characters who you've slowly become accustomed to over the hours!

Still undecided on the price point, but I have to be careful not to go too high or risk cutting into potential profits. But then I can't go too low either and cheapen the value of all of my hard work. Ahhh, it's a complicated situation, haha.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to have Chapter Two out in the relatively near future!

I am fairly certain that twenty-five to thirty dollars is a good price. If you put it on Steam at that price a great deal of people would buy it. If you go over I can see a great deal of people waiting for a sale.

I'd go with thirty to get your money's worth back from all your hard work.

I wouldnt say 30$ cause people might think its too much for a game like this.

If its too much money not a lot will buy it.

It its a low price a lot of people will buy it.

So he has to go somewhere in the middle :)

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I saw the first chapter of this game in nutaku.net but I didn't really mind watching or taking a peek at it.

One day, I watched random videos, I watched this game from a YouTuber doing a playthrough.

I just used to watch the H scenes in Pornhub, but after I watched the playthrough, I got interested in it even without the H scenes.

Too bad I'll only get to play the demo, cuz I'm still below 18 and I still don't have the money to buy the game or own a credit card, Besides I can't just tell my parents that I'm gonna buy a hentai game with their credit card 

EDIT: Anyway, I kinda found out a way to pay for it, but it would take me some time earn enough money.

I hope I get the money before the release date.


Is this game gonna be free after the demo?

Its awesome by the way.


Hiya! Thank you for your kind words~

Joining with the first chapter available, Quest Failed: Chapter Two is intended to be a full product for purchase when it's finished and will sell for around $15-20 (I haven't quite decided yet!) Given the amount of money and resources that have went into the game, and the amount of content it will offer, I feel that this is a fair price!

I was about to ask what you were thinking of selling Chapter 2 for. Considering the high quality of the artwork and story thus far I'd say that's very reasonable. Just my 2 cents. Thanks!

Hey guys! 

I just found out about this game from a youtube playthough, and steamrolled through it myself. How close are we to a release date? 

Super psyched, love your work, 

Hihi! Thank you so much for the support~ <3 I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the first part--and really do hope you'll enjoy the second installment, too!

Hard to say how close I am to a release date with Chapter Two right now--but I intend to make a big public post when I feel I'm nearing the launch!

I just really hope this project goes somewhere. I'm extremely invested into the characters so far, but the last game I supported got cancelled... I only hope this doesn't go the way breeding season went...

Have no fear! Short of some catastrophic disaster hitting me, I have no intention of up and vanishing on people and will always do my best to keep you in the loop! While admittedly I am a little slow--all of the art assets are already done for Chapter 2. It's just a matter of piecing together the remaining story bits, voice acting and music!

I want to finish the stories for each character just as much as you guys want to see them--if not more so! I have so many neat ideas and fun stuff planned for the future that it'd be a real shame if it all came crashing and burning before I really even had time to get off of the ground.

I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but how many chapters in this is planned anyway?  Going to be a three part? Or more?

Potentially three parts, or four--depending on how previous chapters fair, and if I have the funding to continue creating larger scale chapters like Ch. 2! Otherwise I'll have to reevaluate my plan and break things down into smaller chunks to make it sustainable.

Though as it stands, Chapter 3 is going to be broken into two parts so that I'm able to release more content more quickly in the future after the behemoth task of putting out Chapter 2!

Any News?



Still alive--have no fear! I'm currently working on the gigantic script bit by bit as the days go on. It's a gargantuan task laid out before me, but I think the wait will be more than worth it!

Quest failed was the only the only vn I have ever bought love the English voice acting I look forward to when you full realise date 

Thank you very much! That really does mean a lot to me~

Hi, do you have any plans to release both games on steam? I would like to support your project there.

Hiya there!

Steam is certainly a possibility (and I do have a slot on there waiting to go!) though I may wait until Chapter Two is fully done to release both Chapters as a bundle and try to make the most of the launch period!

Thanks, I'll be sure to support your work when it comes.

Hey I was wondering if you had a rough estimate on the full release? Like is it closer to 6 months or 1 month?

Hello! I think it would be safer to hazard a guess between those two estimates right now. So anywhere from 1 to 3 months just to be on the safe side. I apologise for how long it's been taking and appreciate your patience, as I'm sure with all this extra time I'll be able to deliver an experience you'll all love!

I understand. Take as long as you need to make this good. Looking forward to the release!

Thank you! I'll do my best and hope I don't disappoint!

I purchased Quest Failed before but the new Itch update removed it from my library. Is there any way I could get some help with this?


Certainly--I'm sure I can figure something out!

If you have the email receipt of your original purchase, please email the details of it to unlimitedfrostworks@gmail.com, including order number and the email you used for your original purchase. I should be able to get you your original download link, or send you a new code to redeem if it proves to be acting up.

(2 edits)

This is so weird. The email is completely gone but I played the game and unlocked literally every H-Scene. I even favored Tari (the mummy girl?) in favor of Jilly. I'd rather not have to purchase it again. Is there any way we could sort this out? If I want to get the bonus scene for Jilly/Tari in Chapter 2 I'd have to buy Chapter 1 again and replay the entire thing (not as bad as it sounds ;). I'm really pressed for money right now and I'd really appreciate your help with this.


Not to worry--even just the email address itself tied to the original purchase would be a great help, since I have a big database of past purchases I can refer back to and help sort things out!

Sorry for being such a bother but it appears to have sorted itself out. The game is back in my library. I'll message you the email address later. Thank you for your support!

I know you must be asked this all the time but the wait is killing me. Is there any sort of ETA on the release?



I apologise for lack of a solid ETA right now and know it's probably pretty frustrating wait. I really am sorry!

Right now there's still a lot of stuff to finalise and it's been a touch overwhelming--but I've been tackling it a little at a time and things are steadily taking shape! I'm a bit scared to bring up another ETA since they always seem to backfire on me when I'm so sure everything will be ready by a given date. And it's never my intention to get hopes up only to dash them. Dx

It also certainly doesn't help when people are so unforgiving when it comes to things like that too. Like, "YOU MISSED THE DEADLINE BY 0.0001 SECONDS, YOU ARE SCUM WHO SHOULD BE BURNED FROM THIS PLANET!"

I've seen basically that kind of thing before.

Hey guys! Super excited! Can we expect a Christmas release?


Heyo! Unfortunately things are going to take a little longer--so a Christmas release is out of the question. Dx I really apologise! But if by chance you're still hungry for more QF content--I did release a little audio collection this month!


But otherwise I promise you I'm working day and night to finish Chapter 2 and it's shaping up to be a crazy huge game!

So Patreo won't accept my card. Do you have an alternate method of purchasing Episode 2?


At this present moment there's no official way to play Chapter 2 outside of Patreon, since it's still in rapid development and being able to test the alpha as it evolves each month is more a perk of that specific tier than outright being a means to 'buy' it. Which I know is less than ideal and can understand the enthusiasm for wanting to play the game--but am not sure if there would be a good way to handle one time purchases for the alpha and wouldn't want to mislead people into what they were potentially buying while things are still so heavily in the works.

(1 edit)

Will the finished version be purchasable outside of Patreon? Maybe on Itch or something? I've been wanting to play this forever and it'd suck if my stupid card blocked me.

Not to worry! Once Chapter Two officially releases it'll be on all the usual channels like before (itch.io, Nutaku, Mangagamer, JastUSA, etc.) so you'll have plenty of venues to choose from when buying it!

When is it being releaseddd!

Either an end of year release or just after.  lets hope for an early xmas pressent!


How did I get here? One moment I'm some dude on r/memes and now I'm here. I don't know if I should be ashamed or what.  Also whomst'd've'lu'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt't're'ing'able'tic'ive'al'nt'ne'm'll'ble'al'ny'less'w'ck'k'ly'py'nd'idy'ety'st'ged'ful'ish'ng'mt'ous'r'ya'zo'dig'y'nt'edy'ish'nt'full'orp'ish knows why urban dictionary calls me gay (look up paul, it's true).

Just made an account to second pretty much everything Oza Sool already said. I only recently came across this genre of games but so far this has been the cream of the crop!

It really shows that you put effort into fleshing out the characters outside of the h content.  It saddens me to say that im dirt poor and was forced to pirate chapter one, so at the very least i wanted to give you my gratitude for making a fantastic game!

I got a couple of buddies to buy it however, both where also very impressed!

Promise to pick up an official copy soon as i can!

Hiya there!

Thank you so much~ <3 That really means a lot to me! I really do like to put a lot of effort into writing out the goofy dialogue and developing the characters in between the h-moments--so I'm glad it paid off!

And no worries. I know not everyone is able to pay for this stuff--so I don't hold a grudge against people who might download it elsewhere. All I ask is that you just help spread the word about the game to all those who you think might enjoy it--which it sounds like you've been doing, so we're all good, haha.

Hopefully I'll have the next part of the game out in the coming months and that everyone'll enjoy it!

Hiya! It's really nice how active you guys are in responding to everything. I found the first two games, and I thought it was phenomenal, never played a h-game with voicing. Really loved it!! 

Hiya there!

Super glad to hear you've been enjoying your time with the games so far and liked the voice acting! I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to the VAs! Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the games to come, too!

Hey its me again (dont know where else to contact you lol)

Hows the new chapter coming? I cant wait for new (mis)adventures with the trio of Matty Jily and Tari. Also looking forward to more about ???? girl and who she is fighting against (Queen? Or a greater evil?)

Anyways can you drop a few hints about the choice system in the upcoming game? Will it lead to 2 or 3 branching pathways or the choices will affect smaller things. Lastly is there any place i can follow the progress of the game and participate in discussions since i cant pay for Patreon yet (Paypal isnt available in my country but its coming soon fingers crossed)

Hiya there!

Chapter 2's development is coming along nicely--progress is being made day by day and I'm hoping either for an end of year release or just after. It's been a lot of content to get through, but I think I'm going at a good pace!

The choice system in Chapter 2 is maybe a little less typical than standard VNs--since you get to manage Matt's time each in-game day (assuming it's not an important story day.) So you choose which side quests you take and which characters you visit to develop bonds on a day to day basis--almost Persona-like in a way, where each new social milestone awards you with a h-scene or CG scene with the girl. The main story itself remains a little more linear, but still has some differences depending on choices you've made throughout the other side quests, etc. which will definitely affect things!

And to follow progress outside of Patreon, I would say the best bet is to keep an eye on my twitter where I try my best to update people with bits and pieces as I move forward, along with small little teases here and there!


Thanks a lot! Really looking forward to everything especially the epic story and goofing around (maybe even more than H scenes lol)

I will be sure to follow you on twitter and support you on patreon as soon as possible. Keep up the good work

Hello (huge wall of text coming sorry for that)

I just wanna start by saying this game is awesome. I loved Chapter 1 especially the fact that the characters felt so real and developed not just excuses for H scenes. In fact i really enjoyed some of the interactions between characters as much as the Hentai lol. Now there are some even more interesting characters and i cant wait for Chapter 2 release. I hope there are many similar interactions in this one as well

Just please be carefull and watch out for Copyrights and stuff. I used to like games made by another person called ZgreatMagician and they got taken down so please be careful :)


Thank you so much for your kind words and support~ It really means a lot to me and I'm glad you're finding value in the game beyond the h-scenes and learning to love the characters, haha~ I really do put just as much love and care into writing the non-h stuff as I do the h-stuff, so I'm happy you like it!

In terms of copyright, everything in my games was developed specifically for it, be it art, voicework or music (outside of a few royalty free tracks but rest assured they're good to be used!) so you shouldn't have to worry about it being taken down~ It's all my own original creation!

Well its good to know you are on the safe side. Please continue to work hard (but not too much lol) and keep adding development to the characters its really appreciated. I mean Jilly learning to read/write, Tarri's Previous life, Ruby's time with humans and the issue with her wings plus the nature of Lucille's disagreement with her fellows and everything about ???? Hooded Girl in general are really interesting plot points so i hope these subjects are expanded upon while the new characters get their own mini stories too. Like is Queen Deidra a Daedric Prince??? lol JK. Thanks for listening stay blessed :)

I'd love to see some more of lucille in chapter two

just read comment below

I'd love to see more scenes with Lucille... love the scene from the first game where she buries his head in between her breasts. Can't wait!

Lucille gets quite a few extra scenes--so I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, haha. I really took the time in Chapter 2 to develop her as a character and make her feel just as important as the main monster girls to make up for her sparse screen time in Chapter 1!

How much time for release? I can't wait anymore :D

Either at the end of the year or just after! But rest assured things are coming along--just far more writing and content than I anticipated at the start, haha.

Just a minor criticism (of the constructive kind so don't worry!) I don't like how vanilla most of the H-Scenes are. Your stuff is great it's just that I think it could benefit from some more unique stuff. Maybe the priest locks you in chastity (I like that one :), or Rin blackmails you into exhibitionsist stunts. Those kinds of things.


Have no fear! For Chapter 2 I've definitely tried to vary things up between scenes at some points--with a lot of unique things mixed in with the more vanilla elements. So I think there should be a lot of interesting scenarios that unfold throughout the game!


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