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Nice demo! Is there any chance you will release the soundtrack?

Hiya there, thank you!

The soundtrack is a mix of royalty free tracks and tracks composed specifically for Chapter 2, so I'm not sure how viable it would be to release them all together--but for the tracks that were made just for the game I could talk to the composer and see if they wanted to put them out as an album of sorts!

hello im new here... I tried your game it's cool and heart warming and I cant explained the other... But it's cool... Cant wait for chapter 2...

please put the game on android. I want to see part 2 so bad but all my stuff is on that. and I'm really interested to see where this goes

when will the chapter 2 be realise or you give up on it?

Hi there! Chapter 2 is still very much alive and in development still, have no fear! I don't have an exact date for when things will be done, but rest assured I'm working on things every day! Chapter 2 is just proving to be a very large and complex game to work on is all.

hey this post was made some time ago but are you still working on chapter 2. i just played chapter one and although it could brush up a few things its actually a really good game and chapter 2 sounds even would be a huge shame if you've given up on such a promising game

Hiya, I'm still working on things!

You can keep up to date with development via my Twitter to see how things are progressing and it was just a few days ago that I put out a new alpha update for Patreon backers that are helping me test things out as they get developed.

Chapter 2 is looking to be four times bigger than Chapter 1, if not more, so there's been a lot of work to put things together--but I'm inching closer to the finish line every day~

you've seen the demo right? if not, check it out and you might see WHY it's taking time ;)

"Gut Ding will Weile haben"

Will this becoming to Android eventually?  


At the moment, I don't have the resources or time to port things over to Android (there would have to be a lot of reworking the UI for touch to make it more intuitive and comfortable to use rather than just doing a straight port over), but if there is enough demand I could see about working something out.

Totally understandable!  I hope one day in the future it will.  Thank you very much for the reply!   Great work by the way!

Loved the demo, but didn't know if you saw my recommendation on your patreon page: After Matty cums three times they should be absolutely covered in cum.   When he cums on their faces it shouldn't be a strand or two or a couple of globs but lots of cum on their cute monster faces.  

Hey, nice to see ch.2 is coming along well.  I was wondering about the status of the smaller dialogue clips that accompanied some text from ch.1's demo (laughs, hmm etc); as they were never re-implemented in the first game after its release I was hoping they might make a return for this instalment.


I'm still planning to implement them into Chapter 1 via an update (which will prep the existing save file in Ch.1 so it's ready for Ch.2 as well!) and then hopefully will be able to implement the same kind of thing into Chapter 2. Though will wait until the main script has been finalised so I can implement them all in one fell swoop.

The voice acting seems like a huge deal.

Thank you for taking the time to play through the demo and I hope you enjoyed it!

And yessss, the voice acting is a big part of what I feel makes QF really special and I'm always impressed by the amazing work the VAs put into the project as they bring the characters to life.

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