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Hi I purchased this yesterday and just finished it. I just wanted to thank for such an awesome job man. As a huge MGQ series fan, I was desperate for more games in this genre and was so happy you started this project.

As for ideas, I do hope to see multiple endings or maybe animated h-scenes if its feasible or attainable. One question though, do you think Chapter 2 can be released around the first quarter of next year?

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the world needs more games like this and found it was lacking so, so I made it my mission to make my own, haha~

On the subject of when Chapter Two might be released, it's had to say right now. Ideally I'd like to get it done over the next few months, falling in line with your desired range of the first quarter of next year, but I suppose everything is being planned and outlined right now. I'd like to have more content than chapter one which in theory would extend development time, but assets are being delivered at a far more rapid rate than they were for chapter one so I believe I can get it done and out the door in a timely manner.

But only time will tell I guess~

Thanks again!

First of all i'm sorry if my english is not the best.

Hi there, i really like the idea of the game and the artwork is really great! I would like to buy this game but i have a question about the project. When i buy the first Chapter, do i have to pay for the second chapter to?

Aaand sorry if the question is silly and if i have over read the answer to my question i'm really sorry.

Oh and greetings from Germany ;)

Hiya there, don't worry your English is perfectly fine!

Each chapter will be a separate game and sold separately, that's correct! But I believe that each chapter will be more than worth it and full of content. I'll also be offering a demo for each chapter too just so people can be sure.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.^^

Hi there! I've been following this project since a while now and the game is great so far. I'm into monster girls since the MGQ saga, and I'm really enjoying the story of Quest Failed. Nice and smooth writing with the right amount of detail, and a hooking plot, even when at the start there seemed to be little more than a couple of "innocent" encounters with monster girls. The art is also great, sprites and CGs alike, and the music gives always the right atmosphere. The voice acting, when it comes into scene, makes it quite appealing, too. All in all, an exquisite piece of art so far.

I'm a writer and an amateur VN creator myself, and I also translated a few games between various languages. I'm wondering now if you would like to see your game translated into Spanish, I definitely would! I know it's maybe a bit too soon for something like this, because your script will surely go through some changes along the way, but if you like the idea, I'd be willing to take the task, because this game definitely deserves to be enjoyed also by a great amount of non-English speakers out there. Perhaps the demo itself, if it's more or less in its final version, could be translated for starters, leaving the rest of the game for later stages. Of course, this is all entirely up to you as the author to decide, but it would be a pleasure for me without a doubt. Needless to say, it would also be a voluntary task, no money involved.

Hope things will keep going well, probably even better because the game is really promising and the growing support is proof of it. See you!

Hiya there,

Thanks for the support and kind words on the project, it really means a lot to me! I do apologise, as I meant to respond to your email but the impending launch on other sites kept grabbing my attention way.

Translations into other languages is something I might heavily consider in the future once all of the chapters of the game are complete, but right now chapters undergo frequent, large updates to the script with multiple additions and features being added, meaning that having a translated branch of the chapter could potentially splinter development where one branch has far more content than the other, which is something I would like to avoid happening.

However, I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion for wanting to contribute to the project, and will definitely keep you in mind when the time comes!


All right! No problems, I have a pretty good idea of how this works and that's to be expected. The wisest way of doing things is just as you say. So, let's be patient, keep up the good work and send Matty to his destiny with all your might! For when the time comes, I'll always be roaming here, so contact me whenever you like.

Good luck and see you!
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I recently bought chapter one (nutaku) after playing some of this demo (windows) and I noticed that there are voice clips present in the demo when first meeting the slime girl for some of here dialogue at the start that seem to be missing in the full version. Was this change intentional? I was kinda disappointed to notice they were gone.

Apart from that, great job; I loved Monster Girl Quest and I look forward to seeing more of these games.

edit: One last thing. I noticed in full screen that the tops of the letters of the sentence below the first get "cut off" and can be seen before they should be visible. No big deal, but I thought I might as well let you know if/when you see this and maybe didn't know. :)


Thank you so much for purchasing and going through Chapter One. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll look forward to what's to come!

Regarding the voice clips, this was a solution put in place due to time constraints for the first chapter's release. Where, I have all of the relevant voice clips for the remaining characters, but didn't have the time to edit them in and put them in alongside suitable dialogue. I figured rather than have it half done for some characters, but other characters be completely silent, to just mute them all completely for the time being.

They will return in full force with the new patch though, alongside a new h-scene and some other little bonus things, so they're not gone forever!

And regarding the text glitch you seem to be experiencing--I'll have to look into it more. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

That's great to hear, thanks for the info. Will updates be rolled out through the stores selling the game (re-download the updated version from there)?

And about the text glitch, it was on a 1600x900 native resolution laptop incase that helps.

Yeah. The game will be updated on each site it's hosted on and you can just redownload. Saves and progression should carry over as they save in a separate folder. I'll be looking at the possibility of putting up a patch file as will that you simply drag and drop to your existing game folder, but will need to see how viable that is.

Good to know, thanks. One laaast question and I'll stop asking things. ^^ The choices you can make at certain points, will those have any long term effects as more chapters are released or are they just per chapter for some different scenes. I think I read you mention somewhere (maybe patreon) about the idea of merging chapters together once they were all out (akin to MGQ).

Thanks again, looking forward to Ch.2 and beyond.

Some choices will carry over between chapters, yes! Such as who you have the most affection points with and other smaller details that may be referenced in subtle ways. Chapter Two will have a lot more things that will happen and potentially carry over though as it culminates to several big conclusions.

And yeah, once all the chapters are done I'll be merging into a big super game with all the parts seamlessly connected for ease of playing through.

is this downloadable for mobile devices?


Not currently, unfortunately. It's available on Windows/Mac/Linux devices. I believe the engine I'm on can port to mobile devices, but it might need a bit of work to do so. I'll look into options in the future!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

Are you referring to the last one in the gallery? It is locked, though you can unlock it if you make the correct choices. For a small hint, that last one isn't in chronological order like the others and is more as a bonus in place of a far earlier CG.

Though if you need further help I can give you the solution!

Deleted 2 years ago

Well, I just finished the demo. And I must say I am impressed. you really hit the spot of my taste. I think the writing is very good, the story is interesting, the caracters charismatic, the voices aren't bad (just the girls have watched too many animes instead of american shows and are disguising the voice a little too much, but it is good), and the drawings are very good.

As for suggestions, I have one, some people will disagree with it, but here it goes: To better the presentation of the game you should think about including some CGs of the action moments, for example: a CG of Jilly trapping Matt in her slime, or one with her throwing his sword away, or one of Tari dragging him to the coffin, etc..

I know many people will say: "If you have money for an extra CG, make a sex one" and I understand them, but I really think most of Visual Novels just worry about the sex and the writing and forget its presentation. I really would preffer less sex scenes but with the rest better presented (with action CGs to illustrate) and with that better understood than more sex scenes.

And for the last, I may not be able to contribute right now (unfortunately Brazil is in a crisis, and I am jobless), but I have full intention to donate once things gets better, You really impressed me with the demo and I hope you guys can achieve the success you deserve.

Just one last question, it wasn't very clear on the patreon, but will this game be freeware once finished, or you are using patreon as a way to sell it? Since some others indie developers are doing this kind of stuff I thought I should ask.

Hiya, thanks for giving the demo a go I appreciate it! Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well.

In response to more action CGs, I definitely agree that they would help certain scenes come alive since there's only so much screen shaking and words can convey at times, but at the same time Chapter One was being made with a very constrained, modest budget in mind whereby I was making every penny count and ensuring I hit a good number of h-scenes. Future h-scenes past the first two are actually fairly elaborate, too, with many parts and phases to them to better represent the action, so I have the feeling people are really going to like how the scenes go down!

But moving on with Chapter Two onwards, providing sales are good and the Patreon keeps healthy, I would really like to see about having more non-h related CG scenes for the more dramatic story moments, and possibly building up to certain h-scenes too. I'll really have to play it by ear on release of Chapter One and see how things go.

Apologies for confusion on the availability of the game on its release. I'll try to clear that up once the first chapter is out. Each subsequent chapter will be sold as a commercial game upon completion and sold on both, and various other storefronts that may be interested in selling my game. Those that subscribe to my Patreon will get access to the game as it comes out along with any subsequent chapter so long as they're subscribed still, along with any bonus one-off scenes or content that may be created.

Thanks again for playing through it and sharing your thoughts! If you ever have any other questions on things or feel perhaps one of my answers wasn't clear enough in some way, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

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I understand. So the first chapter will be free and the subsequent ones will need to be bought. Does "Instant DRM free access to each chapter on release" means that donating the refered amount I will gain all the chapters after the are released? Donating once is enough, or one for each chapter? Sorry, but As I said i am brazilian and I don't understand many of initials out there.

About the CGs, assuming the Patreon goes well, as I believe it will, since you are already with U$ 740 and yesterday it was U$ 710 (which means you are growing), and considering you are a visual novel developer, this is much for mere 4 months of campaign (at least that I have seen), so you could always back to the first chapter and complete it with new CGs. At least I hope so. And if you are thinking this kind of thing drops fast with time (since people are just pre buying the game), you may be wrong, I am watching other two games that will be sold once released, Monster Girl Island and Malice and the Machine and both have now respectively U$ 12 000 and U$ 15 000 per month/update, and they are like that for quite some time. I think this prooves that once patrons get interest in a good game, they tends to keep supporting them. For all the projects I am watching, none of them had drop the income too much, at tops, they stagnate in a given amount. So I really have some evidence to guess that you will have enough funds to be able to revisit past chapters and improve them.

And please, do not make the chapters as Monster Girl Quest did. I loved MGQ, at least the first two parts, but the third part they completely forgot consistency and did it at anyway. For example : [Spolier] On part three the monsters couldn't attack the angels, their attacks simply pass through them, but it seems they forgot that there was a war of monsters vs angels in the past, something that would be impossible if monsters can't attack, and that isn't the only inconsistency there [/spoiler].

So my advise is: Think on this as a whole. Before release anything be sure what is planned for the later chapters is consistent with the past ones. I know this seems obvious, but Torotoro wasn't the first developer to do it, and I am sure he will not be the last. Since both are about monster girls, your game remind me of it

As long as you're an active Patron at the time and have donated $10+ or more, you'll be guaranteed a DRM free copy of the chapter on release. Since I'm still growing and have few enough Patrons to manage, I may be able to backdate whoever has donated $10 or more in the past and give them a copy, too even if they weren't still currently pledged, but the more things grow the more difficult it might be to manage that.

And to clear up any confusion, DRM free simply means it's a download of the game you download, and then can run without needing any kind of password/account like steam or anything.

If I were to go back on previous chapters and enhance them, I would probably do that when the full 'story' is complete and I merge all the chapters together into one game and polish it up here and there and tweak some things based on feedback to create the perfect story at the end of it all.

Only time will tell how well the overall Patreon will do over the months! I'll just have to keep consistent with my progress and continue to deliver updates that people are happy with in order to sustain growth, or at the very least keep the people I have happy~

I have a rather large planned out story that will unfold over the chapters, so fear not. I've put a lot of thought into how key points will go down, even if Chapter One doesn't seem too 'grand' and focuses largely on a small amount of characters, it'll still lead into bigger things, I promise!

Thanks for the answer. Sorry if my questions looks silly, but when there are initials in the text I still have problems,

Great visual novel, It's excellent for making my friends uncomfortable. Also,I am convinced that this is the best video I've made thus far.

Haha, well, I'll take that as a good thing I suppose. Hope nobody was scarred too much!

It is a good thing haha. The game/Visual novel was very well put together and has a good plot.

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