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I've always wanted to get raped by a sexy ghost lady, neat.

for some reason it says the game can't be opened on Mac...

browser version pls?

the ghost just choked me to deat

yeah she'll do that 👻

What version is this


Hiya there!

This is the only version there is! As it was made as a short, experimental prototype for people to play, with no intentions of making any further versions. Sort of a one and done, one shot kind of deal!

8/10 i love it


Ok, that...? Was utterly delightful! The art was gorgeous, the descriptions were decently vivid! Particularly the description of the maid, in conjunction with her animation. I'm super excited to see how this takes off, if you're still working on it!


Ahh, thank you very much! I appreciate your kind words <3

Admittedly it's little more than just a one-off prototype right now, as the artist I worked with to make this initial build is really busy these days, and we don't really have the time to expand on it--but I'd love to make something similar in the future if I could!

you need any help with sound?

Good but way too short (1 minute gameplay, one hentai scene, one failure state)

Thanks for giving it a try! And yeah, it's just a short little prototype of what could potentially be a game in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed what was there~

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This was great, I would absolutely love to see more of this. I honestly can't say what ending I prefer. The unsettling atmosphere and pay-off to the 'bad ending' was really good. If you've got the desire and the time I'd say you could make something great here whenever/if ever you decide to come back to it. 


Heya, thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear people are still enjoying it this many years after its creation!

I'd definitely love to return to it, or at least to make something similar down the line, but it'd really depend on how much free time I had between my main projects, and if the artist responsible for the sprites/background, etc. would be happy to come back to work on it, as it requires working really closely with them for the best results.

so are yall gonna update this or?


Heya! Apologies for any confusion around the game--though typically when I put out a prototype my intention is to release a small, one-off experience that can be enjoyed as it is, with no intentions of updating it further (beyond maybe bug fixes, and such.) Though depending on how the prototypes are received, there is always the chance I might take elements of it and expand it into a full commercial game down the line.

Though in the case of Room, it was a very complex thing to put together and required working very closely with an artist, who is currently very busy at the moment. So it might not be feasible to make a game like this again for a while. But I'm always open to the possibility if it presents itself!

I'll wait for it .

I really liked the design of the ghost

Ahh, thank you! She's definitely a cutie isn't she, haha

<img src="">I would like to see her again XD


Could you consider implementing WASD to move as well?

Also, for an RPGMaker game, why does it run so slow?



Right now I have no further plans to update this prototype unfortunately, due to other commitments taking up all of my time. But if I ever make a full game out of this concept I'll be sure to try and accommodate multiple control schemes!

Regarding the performance--I apologise for that. I'm not completely sure what might be the cause! It does run on RPG Maker MV compared to VX Ace if that makes a difference, along with utilising full size .png backgrounds in place of tilesets, which might cause a hit on modest machines. Optimisation would be my top priority for a future release though!

yo there, played your game  and had some fun much that i decided to record and make a video.......I hope that the youtube gods can forgive me

Glad to hear it, haha~

Thank you for the video! It's much appreciated!

Enjoy!\ (•◡•) /

Thank you very much for taking the time to play it and make a video! I hope you enjoyed your time with it! Look forward to more to come in the future~


I love the style of this project, hope you'll find the time to work on it more!


Thank you~

I hope so, too! It was a lot of fun to work on!

Nice work also i got some supernatural idea why not have a lewd scene where the character is yank by the ghost lady in a mirror or painting where she is upset or something :) since it fits the game theme ;D


Thank you~ Those are all great suggestions! I haven't fully decided the direction I wish to take the game beyond the initial prototype, but those kinds of ideas would definitely fit!

Please continue the story about the "ghost lady " ,and do more hentai things with "her" .

Thank you for giving the game a shot~ I hope to be able to iterate more on the prototype in the future!

Man, I can't wait for the full version of "The Room"! Keep your good work man! :)

Linux version is working fine in Manjaro. I'll be keeping an eye on this too.