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Could you consider implementing WASD to move as well?

Also, for an RPGMaker game, why does it run so slow?



Right now I have no further plans to update this prototype unfortunately, due to other commitments taking up all of my time. But if I ever make a full game out of this concept I'll be sure to try and accommodate multiple control schemes!

Regarding the performance--I apologise for that. I'm not completely sure what might be the cause! It does run on RPG Maker MV compared to VX Ace if that makes a difference, along with utilising full size .png backgrounds in place of tilesets, which might cause a hit on modest machines. Optimisation would be my top priority for a future release though!

yo there, played your game  and had some fun much that i decided to record and make a video.......I hope that the youtube gods can forgive me

Glad to hear it, haha~

Thank you for the video! It's much appreciated!


Still very nice

Enjoy!\ (•◡•) /

Thank you very much for taking the time to play it and make a video! I hope you enjoyed your time with it! Look forward to more to come in the future~

I love the style of this project, hope you'll find the time to work on it more!

Thank you~

I hope so, too! It was a lot of fun to work on!

Nice work also i got some supernatural idea why not have a lewd scene where the character is yank by the ghost lady in a mirror or painting where she is upset or something :) since it fits the game theme ;D

Thank you~ Those are all great suggestions! I haven't fully decided the direction I wish to take the game beyond the initial prototype, but those kinds of ideas would definitely fit!

Please continue the story about the "ghost lady " ,and do more hentai things with "her" .

Thank you for giving the game a shot~ I hope to be able to iterate more on the prototype in the future!

Man, I can't wait for the full version of "The Room"! Keep your good work man! :)

Linux version is working fine in Manjaro. I'll be keeping an eye on this too.