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Deleted 1 year ago

Hiya! The backgrounds were largely created by DaoDao for Chapter One, with some of the latter ones being made by AimlessArt. While the music is a mix of royalty free stuff taken from Wingless Seraph and Ontama-M!

thanks :)

I've downloaded the zip file but now what? I'm on windows. how do I play? sorry if this is a stupid question


Hiya, no worries!

Once you've downloaded the zip file, you have to extract it into a folder to play it. Right click or double click the zip and you should be prompted with an option to unzip it to a folder. Once you've done that, you can navigate to the extracted folder and search for the Quest Failed Chapter One exe with the slime girl icon!

worked great! thank you!

Happy to hear you got it working! I hope you enjoy the game~

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I was rating it at a 3.5/5 because I wasn't enjoying the MC being so spineless

And then this


brought it to a 1.25
Hoping it gets better(read: character development)


Sorry to hear you're not enjoying it too much right now. I understand Matt's general personality doesn't mesh as well for some people--though find it fits best for the femdom sort of story I wanted to create. I'd like to think Matt does grow in some ways--but he never becomes a super competent warrior that can handle fights on his own or anything like that. 'Cuz I feel that might defeat the point of 'Quest Failed', haha. I like the idea that he instead grows in other ways, where he can rely on his friends to pull him out of dangerous binds as his relationship deepens with them.

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The upside being character design is on point

And the way it ended...Promising!


I hope that balances things out a bit, haha. Suffer through Matt's ineptitude for the sake of the gorgeous monster girls!

thats a bit rough

the protagonist isnt really able to put up a fight anyway, and like most people, doesnt wanna cause problems that might end up costing em.

Nice game, i was wondering is it possible to have ruby in favourite at the end ?

Hiya there! Thank you so much for your kind words~

Are you referring to the little message at the end as it tallies up your choices? Unfortunately due to the more limited interactions with Ruby in this game there's no way for her to come out on top with the favourite outcome. It's mostly limited to Jilly/Tari due to them having more choices around them.

This will change in Chapter 2, though, as there's far more choices and chances to favour each character!

thats sound awesome, thanks for the reply !


I found the MC annoying at first, but once I got a bit farther into the story I understood why he's written the way he is.  His personality sets up terrific tension between the MC and the monster girls.

Also I normally am not into Femdom but here it's incredible done and the monsters are much more than just regular women.

can agree with that.


I really enjoyed this game! Especially seeing that it’s my first in the genre, definitely enjoyed the wholesome aspect throughout the entire game and I can’t wait until Chapter 2! Do you have any idea as to when you think it’s going to come out?

All in all this game is amazing and it was 10000% worth what I payed for especially since I was looking forward to buying it for over a year! Hope that you’re doing well alongside the voice actors and that whatever you make of your finished product you enjoy!


Heya there! Thank you so much!

I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed your time with it, and found it a fun introduction to the genre. That really means a lot to me!

Admittedly Chapter Two ended up becoming a far grander project than Chapter One ever was due to the sheer cast size and h-scene count--and things escaped me a little in scope. So it's hard to say when there might be an exact release date. But I really do want to try and get it out as soon as possible really, as I feel like I've taken long enough with it already haha.

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I keep playing chapter 1 and everytime its funner! Tari is my favorite. Its too bad I play it in my brothers pc but tomorrow (march 31st) is my birthday and I will get my own and I'm very excited since I Don't have enough money.(taxes and stuff) quick question: do you ever think there would be like a plush or something like that for sale? It would be a great gift too give.


Hiya there,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Chapter One--that really means a lot to me~ Happy early birthday by the way--I hope you have a great day!

On the subject of Quest Failed merchandise, while I have thought about it to some degree, admittedly it might be quite expensive to get things as elaborate as plushies made. At least in bulk. Maybe as something super special/collectible down the line in limited quantities!

Though things such as keychains, buttons, etc. would be a lot easier to sell and distribute I think, if there was ever any interest in those!


thanks! And It would be awesome to!  I'd totally buy every merchandise haha.


Hey ! This game is so awesome !! At the beginning we could think "oh it s like many of others games" but.. when I discover the story and the characters. I was so impressed ! Thank you ! I have to say that all the characters are awesome, all with their own personality and desire. I confess that I particulary love Jilly (..what ? is that strange to feel something for a character ?? :p) Her joy, her kindness and the description of her excitation about adventure make me so happy to see her in the story ! Will you remake an "Valentin's day event" in order to send a letter to Jilly ? :p (Yes, i am really Role-play man)

I have to confess that it was quite... heartbreaking to re-make the game for unlock all the scenes with Tari ( I love this characters too ^^) but.. these scenes needed to be mean with Jilly.. ^^' 

I wait with impatience the chapter 2 !

Bye from France ! Thanks again for your works 


Hiya there!

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed Chapter One! Thank you so much for your kind words~

I spent a lot of time agonising over the characters and dialogue to try and make them stand out in their own unique ways, so I'm really happy to hear you were able to connect with them. I find it makes the h-scenes all the more rewarding when they're with a character you care about, after all~

The Valentines Day events are very time-consuming and expensive to make admittedly--but once I've finished Chapter Two I'm sure I'll have time again for cute events like that in the future with fan participation again!

And I totally understand, haha--lots of people expressed the same sadness that they had to break poor Jilly's slimy heart to get the other scenes. Rest assured scenes in Chapter Two will require less heartbreak to find! You'll just have to spend time with your desired girl for her scenes to pop up rather than be mean to the others.

Thanks again--and I really hope you'll enjoy the second game when it comes out!


I'm sure your main page for the series is chapter 2 now, but I have to say, the lore in chapter 1 is amazing. Especially what each of the characters have to say in the journal. What they hint when talking about each character is something to take note of... like foreshadowing...

Also, here's my guess for the girl's name: Frost (Not expecting a confirmation, just wanted to state my hypothesis in public).



Thank you so much for your kind words--that really means a lot to me! It was definitely fun to explore and expand on the lore more in the journal stuff since the main story kind of had a need to keep pushing forward without getting too bogged down. And it's really great to hear that people have been digging into that stuff and seeing all the informative and goofy moments I packed away, haha.

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Sorry if this has been asked already, but are you still planning on doing special event scenes for chapter two like the christmas/valentines day ones in chapter one? I only bought chapter one a few days ago, but I thought they were amazing.



Right now finishing the main story of Chapter Two is my primary focus, but when the game is out and launched, I would love to be able to make some smaller, goofier special event scenes like I did for Chapter One! Since I have a lot of fun making them, and with the amount of characters Chapter Two introduces, there's a lot of new possibilities.

Thanks, sounds amazing. And sorry again, I realize it is still pretty early on for stuff like that. I already can't wait for chapter 2!

Wait there are secret scenes in Chapter 1? Do I get Christmas snuggles with Tari?

Not necessarily secret--but from the Extras menu you can read some goofy seasonal events that had happened over the years and were originally just Youtube videos I put out. But decided to include them in the v 1.1 update

I just signed up for the $10.00 monthly tier Can I download the game without also paying for it?

Hiya there!

If you're a part of the $10 patreon tier, you're entitled to a copy of Chapter One at the beginning of the month once your payment process!

So no money has been taken out of your account yet!

When is Chapter 2 coming out? I need more snuggles from mummy.


Chapter Two is due for closer towards the end of the year if all goes well!

Something about the second H-scene with Ruby bugged me - then i realized, that in that scene she's missing the scales usually present on her cheeks. 

Ahh--good catch! That honestly escaped me for the longest time, haha. Definitely a bit of a goof and one of the perils with working with so many artists at a time despite the amazing jobs they all did. I should have been a bit more attentive on that!

How does one get the 11th H-Scene? (Second Page middle), I am having difficulties getting it on the newest update.

Hiya! In order of the choices given to you, select the following to unlock the last h-scene! (Essentially snub Jilly at every chance and favour Tari)

Choice #1
- "Eh."

Choice #2
- "H-hold on a second."

Choice #3
- "This is a bit sudden..."

This should unlock the missing scene.

No I have that one, Whats the one before that one, that's the 12th, I m asking for the 11th.

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The set of choices I listed above if followed directly lead to unlocking the 11th CG that's in the middle of the second page, a scene that happens directly after you reject Jilly's confession in place of Jilly's scene that's supposed to happen there.

The 12th scene is one that happens after the first encounter with Ruby and happens depending on if you favour Jilly and Tari equally or not, which I believe you have already, correct?

Aye, just realised I made an assumption when you said "last" assuming the 12th . Thanks! Can't wait to buy the 2nd chapter. Will probably do it on instead of nutaku. This time.

No worries--glad to hear you were able to unlock it in the end!

Greetings "FrostWorks"! On the wild web of Internet I was looking for a good visual novel and so happen that my eyes came across your work "Quest Failed"! Right now, I'm planning to buy your game or not, and because of this choice I have a question. My question is:  "If I will buy your game right now at its currency cost, will I have full game with future chapters?(Since right now only chapter one is available) Or do I need to buy the rest of the chapters later?"

Each chapter will have to be bought separately

Hiya! As GoodBoyWithTendies says, each chapter will be its own separate commercial release, with its price determined by the amount of content any give chapter may feature. (For example, the upcoming Chapter 2 features far more content than Chapter 1, so will cost a little bit more), but I always try to ensure that I never overcharge for any given chapter and that people get their money's worth.

Chapter One will even be receiving a big free update very soon, which adds a new h-scene and a whole bunch of extra things!

hey Frostworks just gotta say dude love this game well worth the money very enjoyable and made my laugh my ass off.

Beat the game working on unloking extras missing last scene and two extras any walkthrough? Beat the game three time

Hi there!

The last scene requires you to snub/ignore Jilly at any chance you get and reject her advances, while favouring Tari when you can. The first three choices in the game are important, leading up the moment with you and Jilly in the tent. At that point, if you reject her love and have met the previously mentioned requirements, something a little different should happen than before~

And in regards to the locked out question marks in the extras menu, those will be added in an update planned for the game.

thanks i was wondering if that was the case with those????

If I might ask, how would one get said updates once they come out if they made the purchase on a site such a Nutaku? Do you intend to release the patches here or somewhere else by chance?

Also, love the work you have put into the game. I genuinely enjoy it!


The updated version of the game will be available to download wherever you may have purchased it, have no fear. I'll be uploading updated builds to:

- Nutaku
- Mangagamer
- Updating the folder that Patreon backers received when pledging for the copy

And thank you for your kind words! I hope Chapter 2 doesn't disappoint!

I liked  the game the only thing that got me off was the dragon girl. I know I know some people like it, but it just carried the game away from the story, one time the guy is on a burst of heroic with his somewhat Link's courage and magical shield and them he's just a cuckhold when the entire game he tried to "fight away" and with the dragon girl he just call himself names. I think if he tried to say (like all the other times) that he is an adventurer and them she just continued doing what the hell she was doing he would finally yeld but he simply call himself pathetic when she didn't even said he to do so. If you would remake the chapter one with some add-ons you could correct that or if u don't wanna, just write a line that she tell him to call himself pathetic and them him do so, cuz it don't make sense calling himself pathetic and after that she telling him to do so.
PS: I playied it on a friend's house and don't know what happens next on the game, planning to buy it, continue with the great work

Hey FrostWorks, how much longer do you think chapter 2 will take? I'm constantly searching Quest Failed chapter 2 on the internet. So hyped.


I wish to avoid giving a solid release date as they always seem to backfire on me, but most of the h-scene art is done as of this moment (wayyyy more art than Chapter 1, haha) and now it's just down to fleshing out all of the story parts, and event dialogue. In a perfect world I would like to try and get Chapter 2 out before 2018, so fingers crossed everything works out!

Thank you so much for you support, and it really motivates me to make the best game I can when I know how much everyone has enjoyed the first part~

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thx for the info. take your time though, perfect the game. I can wait.

Oh yeah! just wandering, do you plan to have the entire game voiced this time or just the h-scenes?

Just the h-scenes for now, as there's a whole lot more of them this time around so that really adds to the expenses. But if things do well I could always see about going back and voicing everything that had been left out!

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Hey Frostworks! it's me again. I'm just wondering how much longer you reckon Quest Failed chapter 2 will take from here?

Keep an eye on here in the coming days, as I'll have something exciting to show soon!

When is the release date for chapter 2? I played chapter 1 like phew days after it came out on nutaku and i just LOVE the game and waiting for chapter 2. WHEN WILL I BE EABLE TO PLAY IT?!

Hi there!

I'm so glad you enjoyed Chapter One and appreciate your kind words and support!

Chapter Two is under heavy development as we speak, and the big release is more than likely still a few months away--but I actually released the first alpha build of the game out to Patreon supporters not long ago, and am planning to release the second build soon with more content. Things are going really smoothly and I can't wait to share the second chapter with the world~

THIS GAME OF YOURS IS  AMAZING. AND I WANT SAY TO Jilly you are amazing and wonderfull and keep going with your amazing body :) ;)

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This is an amusing little story, to say the least.

Since I'm always on the hunt for more monster girl content, I was actually looking to buy the first part of dieselmine's Violated Hero series. And while I was looking around Dargoth's site for translations, I happened to find 'Never 1.0 release' wordpress being mentioned in the comments. What's this though? A 'Quest Failed' banner? Huh. Why don't we take a look at that... Oh, this looks interesting.

Downloaded demo, played demo and I am amazed. Forget about VH, this seems to be a much better use of my money. That, I am convinced of after only seeing the demo.

Edit after having continued on from where the demo ended: Bah, this game has the Monmusu Quest effect. You just want the content but then the story gets interesting.

Ahh, thank you so much~

I can't tell you how happy comments like this make me--knowing that someone played the game and enjoyed themselves that much. Especially knowing that it was able to provide an MGQ-like experience. I've been working hard, prioritizing the story in the second chapter (with plenty of h-scenes still, of course!) so I hope you'll enjoy what's to come, too!

So do I. Cause now I'm done with this part and waiting for more. Sheesh, these characters are amazing. Jilly, Tari, why'd even Ruby become adorable like that? Not to mention funny - The pigeon scene absolutely killed me, I actually laughed. Just, great work.

It does bear some similarities to MGQ. Boy leaves hometown to become a hero/adventurer.  Encounters monster girls... They're both weak initially... Well, though Matt is far more pathetic than Luka as he was at the beginning, and that's saying something. Poor guy.

Which reminds me, there is one thing that always bothered me a little about MGQ. You have a ridiculous amount of monster girls, but because of this, the vast majority of them is limited to Luka coming across them, then they want to either kill him or whatever it is, and that's it. Though it's unbeatable in terms of content, I really like your approach of having far fewer monster girls, but ones with proper personalities and impact on the story.

So yeah. Looking forward to whenever chapter 2 will come out, cause I have no doubts whatsoever that I will purchase it too.

any solid date about chapter 2


Apologies for the wait. I'm really working hard on things!

I hope to have an alpha segment out on patreon this month and then hopefully can finish things up in the coming months.

In the meantime, I did release a small character trailer video for Chapter 2 if it interests you!

Thank you for your patience and support as always!

Just wondering when Chapter 2 is coming out i bought Chapter 1 on MangaGamer and it was getting into it till it ended :(


Thank you so much for the purchase and I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 1! I do apologise for the wait on chapter 2, but rest assured it's making steady progress so far and will be a far larger experience, with far more content~ No solid date yet as it's more than likely a few months away still, but I'm working hard every day to get things done.

Understood thank you for the reponse


Thank you for releasing a monstergirl VN, as you are aware there are not many out there bar Violated hero, Monstergirl quest and The Menagerie.

Being one of my favorite genres for years, once I saw it on Mangagamer I had to buy it.
I had some questions and some inklings about the plot, however if you would rather not talk about said things thats all good to.

Mainly Matty seems like he is special in some way, I am thinking his shield is a bluff it is sterdy sure, but not enchanted. I actually think Matty is the son of a succubus (assuming all monsters are female, if not it could be Incubus or Demon king, hence looking simular to somebody ??? knows) and a human. Hence why most monsters are attached to him and why his seed has the traits it does and the like.

As for why it only effects Monsters currently.. well I put forward it don't just effect monsters, He is just unaware of what he is and was never taught for his own safety living in a human settlement. In a situation he felt was dire he subconciously defended himself and in certian situations let out a kind of seduction aura due to his true nature.

Ruby is my favorite though, I agree with a lot of what has been said already about her of course.

Now onto my questions and thoughts regarding them:

You mentioned humans, does this mean that we will get less Monstergirls? have we met all the Monsters already?

My thoughts on this is I would prefer more monstergirls over humans, as I want some more in the way of demi's Like my favorite kind Arachne's and other unique kinds.

Regarding the humans, will they be human to start with but actually be monsters when you get to know them or pursue their story?

I was thinking that Monsters in Human settlements could easily be a thing as some do look very human, like vampires, succubi, and played right even a Dullahan ( fierce behemoth adventurer that never removes her helmet etc.) so this would be fun to me.

Failing that will some of the characters in the human settlement be humanoid?

Well I also like Drow and the like, so if we can't have monsters then Dwarves, elves and whatnot would be a nice halfway point.

Will we be able to actually favour a certian Monstergirl/character properly and favour the monsters over the city as well?

I understand why this might be daunting as it is a lot of work, but I was curious if you actually plan to have events go off in vastly different directions depending on player choice. For Instance can I reject the queen, spit at her and run away shouting "Dragon Bandits for life, human wench" while running for my life? an extreme example yes but you know what I mean.

OK well I could ask more but I inadvertently wrote far to much already, if you got this far thank you for reading and I look forward to possibly hearing your thought on.. well my thoughts and possible answers to.

Best of luck with the next I look forward to it.

Hiya there,

You are very much welcome, haha~ I think there's always been monstergirl-lite things out there, but not many that focused on the femdom aspect that MGQ and Violated Hero brought about, so I took it upon myself to try and fill that void. So I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I can try my best to answer your questions, though as you say in some cases I can't fully answer everything because of spoilers and such!

I can't say much regarding Matt, though your theories are certainly unique, haha. The second chapter won't explicitly say much about him personally, though will probably make his backstory a little bit more obvious as it unravels with everything else going on around him.

"You mentioned humans, does this mean that we will get less Monstergirls? have we met all the Monsters already?"
With the capital city becoming a large, central focus of the second chapter, it was inevitable that humans would join the cast eventually. In most cases they're side characters (though this doesn't mean they won't have scenes with Matt!) but some humans such as the Queen are major characters in the plot. I'm trying to avoid filling up the cast with humans too much as I know monster girls are the main appeal, though do need a few to help the city feel lively and not just have everyone have a generic sprite/no sprite at all. I'm trying to strike a balance so that the new monster girls added will outnumber the humans added, so have no fear!

"Regarding the humans, will they be human to start with but actually be monsters when you get to know them or pursue their story?"
Welll, I don't want to spoil too much. But yes, some humans might have more to them than meets the eye. It is a monster girl game after all~

"Will we be able to actually favour a certian Monstergirl/character properly and favour the monsters over the city as well?"
While chapter one was fairly linear to a large degree with only a few branching points that ultimately really only determined the h-scene you were going to get, I'm aiming to give the player a bit more freedom in what they do/say--with the aim being that possibly in the third part Matt will be left with two major branches in the story.

Thank you very much for the questions~ Hopefully you're happy with the answers, since I had to keep vague for some parts, but I'm sure you understand. ; P

Thank you for the swift response,
I appreciate you taking the time to answer, To be honest you have been more forthcoming then I expected.

My Idea's regarding Matty are certianly out there, but they just seemed to be pretty fun and make sense to ;p a lot of people have not really given him a thought but ??? aside he is pretty much the biggest mystery here... I mean all those lovely Monstergirls can't get enough and Tari even said everybody else goes "cold" after a couple of times at most.

I know Demi's are not for everybody but if you ever wanted to check out some *ahem* gentlemens literature starring some of those beauties then look out for the Jingai Shunman series by Toumasu/Kanemaki Thomas, each chapter is its own story featuring a new Demi, the first is an arachne and the second an antgirl both are compiled and expanded on in Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho, So if you want to just check out the one that is the one to look for.

Then you could check out Watashi no Koibito o Shoukai Shimasu! by Stealth Changing Line I like no.4 the one with the Mimic.

If you have any to suggest to me feel free, I am always up to finding new Monstergirl artists to follow.
Ok well that is enough "reading" suggestions, if you do happen to check them out it would be nice to hear what you think :)

Until next time, all the best.

I wrote a bit about my thoughts on Quest Failed for a Valentine's Day post in my blog here:

I'm really looking forward to Chapter 2!

Ahh, thank you very much~

I really appreciate the coverage, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully I won't disappoint with chapter 2

Hello. Just wanted to see if you would be holding an open casting call anytime soon? Didn't know if you were casting for chapter 2 or not. Thanks!


I will be holding an open casting call in the coming months. The cast is considerably larger this time around, so it's taking a while to finalise assets.

When the time comes, I'll do my best to notify people on the usual channels--twitter and such.

Awesome! Thank you for the info :)

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I bought the game in mangagamer and I'm really hoping for the chapter 2 to be release pretty soon. Thanks for developing for all plataforms.

I appreciate the support~ Thank you very much and look forward to chapter 2 in the coming months!

Hello all, just bought the game to support the author. (after origionaly getting it via a download). The quality of the game was above anything i expected and I'm planning to support on patreon as soon as i can get some funds together. The artist and team certainly deserve support and encouragement for doing such great work, going to point my friends in the direction of this project. Please keep up the good work.

Awww, thank you so much~ That really means a lot to me! I'm glad you felt it was worth the purchase and I really appreciate you spreading the word. Look forward to the second chapter, and I hope I won't disappoint~

In all honesty not sure I could be dissapointed by the work as a whole. Like i said the quality is very good all around and your showing yourself to be an artist that cares about their fans. As long as you make an effort to connect with fans and address issues/concerns you'll always have a loyal fan/customer in me ^_^. Although I know it does get difficult to take a more personal approach once you've reached a certain sized fan base. Good luck in the future FrostWorks (and team ^_^)

hey Im having trouble finding the last cg scene i saw another response you posted saying you have to favor tari over jilly early on and there are only 2 choices after meeting tari and no mater the combination i always get the same scenes. when is this scene supposed too take place because i go up until you meet tari again after splitting up and cant figure what else to do to get the scene to play is this a bug?



Sorry to hear you're having trouble unlocking the last CG scene!

The exact way to unlock it is as follows:

Choose "Eh." when Jilly asks you if you like her name.

Choose "H-hold on a second..." when Jilly is contemplating stabbing Tari.

Choose "This is a bit sudden..." when Jilly professes her love to you.

After this choice, it should be immediately obvious if you're on your way to unlocking the bonus scene, as Jilly's reaction will be different to how it usually is and the bonus scene will take place right after this.

Let me know if you have anymore issues with things and I'll try my best to help!

Thanks for posting how to unlock the last CG on another note I have a few theories based on what we learned in chapter 1 on what will be coming in future chapters you don't have to confirm them but a hint on if I am going in the right direction would be nice.

I noticed in Ruby's dialogue that she seems to really hate humans specifically human men and it seems she has for a very long time as she shows attraction to pretty girls the exception to her hate is of course Matt who she has already fallen in love with much like the other girls. Am I right in thinking that it was a human adventurer that cut off her wings after seducing her (probably to fulfill a quest for a set of dragon wings) and that is the reason she has become a rampaging bandit that shows little mercy for humans? If my theory is correct will we learn a bit more about her backstory and help her put this issue to rest that clearly still bothers her even though she puts on a brave face and says otherwise?

Also am I correct in thinking that the sword she made for Matt will be important in the long run I don't know about anyone else but I would think a sword that was personally forged by a dragon and given to someone would both have a special meaning as it kind of seems like something a dragon would only do for someone special and also have special powers because well lets face it something forged by a dragon is probably better then any human forged sword so maybe it has a bit of magic in it and is naturally stronger then other swords.

I also noticed the cloaked girl arms look like doll arms from other monster girl games so am I correct in thinking that she is just that a living doll which if it follows that logic of other games would mean she is a type of undead herself being a soul that animates a doll body. Which is why all the living things like the plants around her die its because she needs to absorb life energy in order to continue existing due to the fact she is a type of undead. Also I think everyone that has played the game has already figured out that Matt is likely the son of the person the cloaked girl has memories of which is why he looks like him and why she is obsessed its also very obvious that Matt's shield is very very important.

Lastly the Royal Knight Cynthia that we met at the end of the game will she become a member of Matt's growing harem? I mean it seems kind of weird for you guys to go out of your way to give her a name unless she was going to play a big part in the future even though she didn't have a picture. So if I had to take a wild guess after Matt talks with the Queen she is going to order Cynthia to assist Matt in defeating the undead army and the cloaked girl. I have a few theories about the Queen but I don't want to list them all as it would result in this already long comment being twice as long but she will be getting a lot of screen time wont she my gut just tells me she will.

Also Congrats on how much money you guys are getting from patreon 1,200 per month is pretty good hope you guys reach your next goal so chapters 2 and 3 can be much much longer then 1 because I really enjoyed chapter 1 and I am looking forward to more content from you guys.


Thanks for the extensive write-up on your theories and thoughts on things! It's always interested to see what people think might happen and I'm glad the characters and story were engaging enough for you to give thought to things~

Naturally I don't wanna spoil anything, but you bring up some interesting points!

In regards to Ruby, she briefly mentions a little bit about her past--though is still fairly vague--in the Christmas special I uploaded which was a bit of goofy fun that's not necessarily canon to the main story, but some parts are still connected.

The hooded girl is indeed a doll, though I suppose I wasn't too subtle about that, haha. Matt's just a little dense and confused with everything going on that he fails to see it properly.

Cynthia will be important, but with the introduction of the captial city, there becomes a clear divide between Matt's monster girl companions, and the more human friends he might make in the city. Naturally they will come clashing together eventually, but it's almost like having two harems separated by a large wall, haha.

And thank you very much~ My goal is to make Chapter 2 far larger than Chapter 1 and make it less linear, with far more variation in things to keep it interested. I really hope people will enjoy this chapter as it'll be far more story focused as things get crazy~

Thank you for the quick response and the link to that video it gave me a laugh. I understand you not wanting to spoil anything but just you responding helps me figure out which parts of my theories were correct so thank you for that much.

So Matt is finally going to become popular with human girls and end up with two harems he is going to have to try and merge good for him (or would the proper phrase be good for me?) now I am looking forward to chapter 2 even more.

Well hope we can talk again once the next chapters come out and maybe if things go well for you we can chat about future games you make afterwords.

I just have to hope people don't mind some human girl interaction alongside monster girls, haha. It'll be tough to try and balance between them!

And of course! Any time~ You're more than welcome to join the Quest Failed discord server too if you ever feel like chatting about things with both myself, and other people about the game. It's pretty active, too.

Just played the demo, its a nice game, good design, voices, backgrounds

Love the concept

Im glad it has a Mac version

Hiya, thanks for giving the demo a shot, I really appreciate it~ Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Hi, I played the demo 4 days ago, bought the game 3 days ago, just finished the game yesterday. First I'd like to say that I absolutely loved every second of it. Ruby is my favorite, love her design, voice, personality, the little bit of shyness thrown in to the mix to perfectly top off the tsundere, Love all of it. Well Done.

Praise aside, I do have 2 questions:

1. I read in another comment that each game will be released as their own game & have to be bought independently & then released again as a super game akin to Monster Girl Quest. My question is if I buy all the chapters would i have to again then buy the super game? Would it be free to those who bought all previous? Would there be a discount for those who bought? I'm just curious so I can know what to expect when the time of the super game finally comes, Thanks.

2. My other question is again from something I saw in another comment regarding the last cg & the choices needed to unlock it. I've gone through the game about 3 times now & still can't seem to make the right choices to get that last scene. Could I get some help with that?

I can say with confidence that I will buy all other chapters for this game & (depending on how the pricing of it works) the super game too. Again, love the game & good luck on making the 2nd chapter as good or even better than the 1st.

Hiya, thank you so much for the purchase, it's much appreciated~ I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed the game, too and hope you'll enjoy the future chapters to come. To answer your questions:

1 - If possible, I'll offer the final combination of all the chapters to all those who own the seperate releases but would need to explore options for how to do this. So can't say anything solid for sure yet!

2 - For the last CG scene, you have to favour Tari at every chance you get while snubbing Jilly, and the scene happens fairly early on to replace another CG scene. Hopefully that helps~

(1 edit)

Alright, I'll give that a shot. Thanks again & can't wait until chpater 2 comes about. Do you post about progress more on Twitter or Patreon so I can updated? Also, any idea when those after-journal things that would take the place of the 2 extra menu "????" options are gonna come out?

I try to strike a good balance between updating in places so that everyone can be informed, though there's a good chance once things are ready that Patrons will get looks into development sooner than twitter followers with some exclusive sneak peeks and such as my way of saying thanks for backing. ; P But anything really important about the development will be shared on both.

And I do have an update in the works. Ideally I'd like to release it soon but I started work on several things at once for the project so they're all progressing a little slower than I'd like, but progress is happening!

Bought the game a few days ago on Nutaku. Wow!
I'm a sucker for monster girls and them... let's say... taking the initiative.
Big fan of Tari. She gets carried away a bit but she's by far the nicest and most caring of them all. The voice acting of all the girls is pretty good and I love the "ambient moans" during a scene so it doesn't ruin the mood when there's descriptions or Matthew speaking.

I'll be looking forward to Quest Failed 2. Hopefully it's even bigger and better.

A question, though. All of the extras other than gallery are still question marks. I have all of the scenes unlocked and was wondering what's this about. probably some kind of exclusive content?

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase and support! And I'm really glad you enjoyed it~

And Tari definitely seems to be a fan favourite, haha~ If you have twitter you should definitely let the VA for her know how much you love her character, since she absolutely adores playing Tari, too!

The question marks will unlock with new patches along the way (which will be free for all who have purchased the original game!). The first being the journal feature which will give a fun look into the characters and places that the game may have glossed over, along with some other fun things. Basically I was future proofing the chapter so that these kinds of things could be easy to add in after. Sorry for any confusion on the matter!

Thanks again! Please look forward for what's to come with the second chapter!

Hi I purchased this yesterday and just finished it. I just wanted to thank for such an awesome job man. As a huge MGQ series fan, I was desperate for more games in this genre and was so happy you started this project.

As for ideas, I do hope to see multiple endings or maybe animated h-scenes if its feasible or attainable. One question though, do you think Chapter 2 can be released around the first quarter of next year?

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the world needs more games like this and found it was lacking so, so I made it my mission to make my own, haha~

On the subject of when Chapter Two might be released, it's had to say right now. Ideally I'd like to get it done over the next few months, falling in line with your desired range of the first quarter of next year, but I suppose everything is being planned and outlined right now. I'd like to have more content than chapter one which in theory would extend development time, but assets are being delivered at a far more rapid rate than they were for chapter one so I believe I can get it done and out the door in a timely manner.

But only time will tell I guess~

Thanks again!

First of all i'm sorry if my english is not the best.

Hi there, i really like the idea of the game and the artwork is really great! I would like to buy this game but i have a question about the project. When i buy the first Chapter, do i have to pay for the second chapter to?

Aaand sorry if the question is silly and if i have over read the answer to my question i'm really sorry.

Oh and greetings from Germany ;)

Hiya there, don't worry your English is perfectly fine!

Each chapter will be a separate game and sold separately, that's correct! But I believe that each chapter will be more than worth it and full of content. I'll also be offering a demo for each chapter too just so people can be sure.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.^^

Hi there! I've been following this project since a while now and the game is great so far. I'm into monster girls since the MGQ saga, and I'm really enjoying the story of Quest Failed. Nice and smooth writing with the right amount of detail, and a hooking plot, even when at the start there seemed to be little more than a couple of "innocent" encounters with monster girls. The art is also great, sprites and CGs alike, and the music gives always the right atmosphere. The voice acting, when it comes into scene, makes it quite appealing, too. All in all, an exquisite piece of art so far.

I'm a writer and an amateur VN creator myself, and I also translated a few games between various languages. I'm wondering now if you would like to see your game translated into Spanish, I definitely would! I know it's maybe a bit too soon for something like this, because your script will surely go through some changes along the way, but if you like the idea, I'd be willing to take the task, because this game definitely deserves to be enjoyed also by a great amount of non-English speakers out there. Perhaps the demo itself, if it's more or less in its final version, could be translated for starters, leaving the rest of the game for later stages. Of course, this is all entirely up to you as the author to decide, but it would be a pleasure for me without a doubt. Needless to say, it would also be a voluntary task, no money involved.

Hope things will keep going well, probably even better because the game is really promising and the growing support is proof of it. See you!

Hiya there,

Thanks for the support and kind words on the project, it really means a lot to me! I do apologise, as I meant to respond to your email but the impending launch on other sites kept grabbing my attention way.

Translations into other languages is something I might heavily consider in the future once all of the chapters of the game are complete, but right now chapters undergo frequent, large updates to the script with multiple additions and features being added, meaning that having a translated branch of the chapter could potentially splinter development where one branch has far more content than the other, which is something I would like to avoid happening.

However, I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion for wanting to contribute to the project, and will definitely keep you in mind when the time comes!


All right! No problems, I have a pretty good idea of how this works and that's to be expected. The wisest way of doing things is just as you say. So, let's be patient, keep up the good work and send Matty to his destiny with all your might! For when the time comes, I'll always be roaming here, so contact me whenever you like.

Good luck and see you!
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I recently bought chapter one (nutaku) after playing some of this demo (windows) and I noticed that there are voice clips present in the demo when first meeting the slime girl for some of here dialogue at the start that seem to be missing in the full version. Was this change intentional? I was kinda disappointed to notice they were gone.

Apart from that, great job; I loved Monster Girl Quest and I look forward to seeing more of these games.

edit: One last thing. I noticed in full screen that the tops of the letters of the sentence below the first get "cut off" and can be seen before they should be visible. No big deal, but I thought I might as well let you know if/when you see this and maybe didn't know. :)


Thank you so much for purchasing and going through Chapter One. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll look forward to what's to come!

Regarding the voice clips, this was a solution put in place due to time constraints for the first chapter's release. Where, I have all of the relevant voice clips for the remaining characters, but didn't have the time to edit them in and put them in alongside suitable dialogue. I figured rather than have it half done for some characters, but other characters be completely silent, to just mute them all completely for the time being.

They will return in full force with the new patch though, alongside a new h-scene and some other little bonus things, so they're not gone forever!

And regarding the text glitch you seem to be experiencing--I'll have to look into it more. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

That's great to hear, thanks for the info. Will updates be rolled out through the stores selling the game (re-download the updated version from there)?

And about the text glitch, it was on a 1600x900 native resolution laptop incase that helps.

Yeah. The game will be updated on each site it's hosted on and you can just redownload. Saves and progression should carry over as they save in a separate folder. I'll be looking at the possibility of putting up a patch file as will that you simply drag and drop to your existing game folder, but will need to see how viable that is.

Good to know, thanks. One laaast question and I'll stop asking things. ^^ The choices you can make at certain points, will those have any long term effects as more chapters are released or are they just per chapter for some different scenes. I think I read you mention somewhere (maybe patreon) about the idea of merging chapters together once they were all out (akin to MGQ).

Thanks again, looking forward to Ch.2 and beyond.

Some choices will carry over between chapters, yes! Such as who you have the most affection points with and other smaller details that may be referenced in subtle ways. Chapter Two will have a lot more things that will happen and potentially carry over though as it culminates to several big conclusions.

And yeah, once all the chapters are done I'll be merging into a big super game with all the parts seamlessly connected for ease of playing through.

is this downloadable for mobile devices?


Not currently, unfortunately. It's available on Windows/Mac/Linux devices. I believe the engine I'm on can port to mobile devices, but it might need a bit of work to do so. I'll look into options in the future!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

Are you referring to the last one in the gallery? It is locked, though you can unlock it if you make the correct choices. For a small hint, that last one isn't in chronological order like the others and is more as a bonus in place of a far earlier CG.

Though if you need further help I can give you the solution!

Deleted 2 years ago

Well, I just finished the demo. And I must say I am impressed. you really hit the spot of my taste. I think the writing is very good, the story is interesting, the caracters charismatic, the voices aren't bad (just the girls have watched too many animes instead of american shows and are disguising the voice a little too much, but it is good), and the drawings are very good.

As for suggestions, I have one, some people will disagree with it, but here it goes: To better the presentation of the game you should think about including some CGs of the action moments, for example: a CG of Jilly trapping Matt in her slime, or one with her throwing his sword away, or one of Tari dragging him to the coffin, etc..

I know many people will say: "If you have money for an extra CG, make a sex one" and I understand them, but I really think most of Visual Novels just worry about the sex and the writing and forget its presentation. I really would preffer less sex scenes but with the rest better presented (with action CGs to illustrate) and with that better understood than more sex scenes.

And for the last, I may not be able to contribute right now (unfortunately Brazil is in a crisis, and I am jobless), but I have full intention to donate once things gets better, You really impressed me with the demo and I hope you guys can achieve the success you deserve.

Just one last question, it wasn't very clear on the patreon, but will this game be freeware once finished, or you are using patreon as a way to sell it? Since some others indie developers are doing this kind of stuff I thought I should ask.

Hiya, thanks for giving the demo a go I appreciate it! Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well.

In response to more action CGs, I definitely agree that they would help certain scenes come alive since there's only so much screen shaking and words can convey at times, but at the same time Chapter One was being made with a very constrained, modest budget in mind whereby I was making every penny count and ensuring I hit a good number of h-scenes. Future h-scenes past the first two are actually fairly elaborate, too, with many parts and phases to them to better represent the action, so I have the feeling people are really going to like how the scenes go down!

But moving on with Chapter Two onwards, providing sales are good and the Patreon keeps healthy, I would really like to see about having more non-h related CG scenes for the more dramatic story moments, and possibly building up to certain h-scenes too. I'll really have to play it by ear on release of Chapter One and see how things go.

Apologies for confusion on the availability of the game on its release. I'll try to clear that up once the first chapter is out. Each subsequent chapter will be sold as a commercial game upon completion and sold on both, and various other storefronts that may be interested in selling my game. Those that subscribe to my Patreon will get access to the game as it comes out along with any subsequent chapter so long as they're subscribed still, along with any bonus one-off scenes or content that may be created.

Thanks again for playing through it and sharing your thoughts! If you ever have any other questions on things or feel perhaps one of my answers wasn't clear enough in some way, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

(1 edit)

I understand. So the first chapter will be free and the subsequent ones will need to be bought. Does "Instant DRM free access to each chapter on release" means that donating the refered amount I will gain all the chapters after the are released? Donating once is enough, or one for each chapter? Sorry, but As I said i am brazilian and I don't understand many of initials out there.

About the CGs, assuming the Patreon goes well, as I believe it will, since you are already with U$ 740 and yesterday it was U$ 710 (which means you are growing), and considering you are a visual novel developer, this is much for mere 4 months of campaign (at least that I have seen), so you could always back to the first chapter and complete it with new CGs. At least I hope so. And if you are thinking this kind of thing drops fast with time (since people are just pre buying the game), you may be wrong, I am watching other two games that will be sold once released, Monster Girl Island and Malice and the Machine and both have now respectively U$ 12 000 and U$ 15 000 per month/update, and they are like that for quite some time. I think this prooves that once patrons get interest in a good game, they tends to keep supporting them. For all the projects I am watching, none of them had drop the income too much, at tops, they stagnate in a given amount. So I really have some evidence to guess that you will have enough funds to be able to revisit past chapters and improve them.

And please, do not make the chapters as Monster Girl Quest did. I loved MGQ, at least the first two parts, but the third part they completely forgot consistency and did it at anyway. For example : [Spolier] On part three the monsters couldn't attack the angels, their attacks simply pass through them, but it seems they forgot that there was a war of monsters vs angels in the past, something that would be impossible if monsters can't attack, and that isn't the only inconsistency there [/spoiler].

So my advise is: Think on this as a whole. Before release anything be sure what is planned for the later chapters is consistent with the past ones. I know this seems obvious, but Torotoro wasn't the first developer to do it, and I am sure he will not be the last. Since both are about monster girls, your game remind me of it

As long as you're an active Patron at the time and have donated $10+ or more, you'll be guaranteed a DRM free copy of the chapter on release. Since I'm still growing and have few enough Patrons to manage, I may be able to backdate whoever has donated $10 or more in the past and give them a copy, too even if they weren't still currently pledged, but the more things grow the more difficult it might be to manage that.

And to clear up any confusion, DRM free simply means it's a download of the game you download, and then can run without needing any kind of password/account like steam or anything.

If I were to go back on previous chapters and enhance them, I would probably do that when the full 'story' is complete and I merge all the chapters together into one game and polish it up here and there and tweak some things based on feedback to create the perfect story at the end of it all.

Only time will tell how well the overall Patreon will do over the months! I'll just have to keep consistent with my progress and continue to deliver updates that people are happy with in order to sustain growth, or at the very least keep the people I have happy~

I have a rather large planned out story that will unfold over the chapters, so fear not. I've put a lot of thought into how key points will go down, even if Chapter One doesn't seem too 'grand' and focuses largely on a small amount of characters, it'll still lead into bigger things, I promise!

Thanks for the answer. Sorry if my questions looks silly, but when there are initials in the text I still have problems,

Great visual novel, It's excellent for making my friends uncomfortable. Also,I am convinced that this is the best video I've made thus far.

Haha, well, I'll take that as a good thing I suppose. Hope nobody was scarred too much!

It is a good thing haha. The game/Visual novel was very well put together and has a good plot.

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