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keep the cute pacifistic slime girlfriend safe at all costs

The small protagonist is mostly reasonable most of the times,  not only being "kill kill" but still being intelligent enough to still consider that along with peaceful options, and also reflection on things that happened, so, that helps keep the character decent.

Other than that, the visual novel was pretty wholesome, some stuff that wasnt nsfw was pretty nice, and the writing of the characters... works.

Does this game contain vore? Sorry for the awkward question, it's just that it was a game that showed up while searching vore


Heya there—no worries!

The game does not contain any instances of vore!

Game feels mostly like MGQ, that's not a bad thing though starting with the slime girl was a little to on the nose. Not gonna complain about that though - as slime girl is peak monster girl.

Haha, yeah, you're definitely not wrong there--MGQ was a huge influence for QF! Gotta start with something strong to hook people in. ; P Though I hope you feel it becomes its own thing with later encounters!

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The story is nice and interesting, and the girls have their lovable quirks. The game in some ways reminds me of Monster girl quest from what ive seen on Youtube (personally Tari is the best with Ruby being a close second. Gotta love them muscular girls) Im interested in seeing how Chapter 2 continues it all when Frost is fully finished with it.

Thank you for the kind words!

MGQ was definitely a huge inspiration for me with QF, and I wanted to set out to make my own monster girl world that people could enjoy alongside it, so I'm glad it gives off those kinds of vibes--and being compared to it is the highest honour, haha.

Do you plan on releasing this on steam?

Heya there,

It's a possibility in the future--perhaps once Chapter Two is done and I sell them both in some kind of bundle deal. I have a Steam account all set up for that stuff with a slot to put a game up, but I've been hesitant about it in case the game ends up being a bit too much for Steam or something.

The worst that can hit you at all in steam is either a VAC ban (anti cheating system possibly shutting down account) or a copyright claim.

im pretty sure this kind of stuff can work there, and if not, well,  one game named "succubus affection" had a nsfw patch outside of steam because the steam version was censored.

So,  unless copy right claims or VAC does something, if the game gets through steam greenlight, it can be released.

Well, we just might have to see if Valve pulls a Valve Move.

i kinda hate the main oc is so useless it would be more fun if he dominated the girls instead of just being weak 24\7


Heya there!

Apologies--as the Quest Failed series largely revolves around femdom. And while I explore lots of other elements in future chapters, this is one of the few things that remains a constant, where he'll never be the one to initiate a scene, and will instead be at the mercy of the various girls he encounters. I understand this kind of thing isn't for everyone, though it's an often neglected niche I intend to be true to, no matter what!

Perhaps in future games I make outside of the QF universe, main characters may be a touch more bold--but Matt is always gonna be the pushover we know and love, haha.

its quite alright i enjoyed the game keep it up!


Just a question will this ever be free? 



Apologies, unfortunately not--as the games are quite expensive to make on my end in regards to art, voices and such, and I feel the price is fair, and do my best to offer demos so people can trial things to make sure it's what they might enjoy!


So far I have no complaints about the game or story, all of the characters have in-depth personalities and very satisfying character development, the only thing that I am wondering is how big is Mathew's dick xD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        p.s ( continue the great work and I hope things go smoothly for you when finishing chapter 2)


Happy to hear you're enjoying things! Thank you for your kind words~ As for your question concerning Matthew--I guess we can say big enough, lol. Enough for these ravenous ladies, at any rate!

well, for a man of his size, its big enough.

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